Theory on Thursday with Shona Husk

Today on Theory on Thursday I have fellow Carina Press author (and author from a zillion other fabulous places too), Shona Husk. Shona’s the only person I know to write a Goblin book and I can’t wait to read it. More about her latest release after her book chat. As well as goblins (and lots of other cool characters), Shona writes hot sex. And today, she’s going to share with her one book that helped her in her mission to do so.

Take it away Shona 🙂

Back when I started writing romance I knew I was going to have to eventually tackle a sex scene. At the time the idea totally freaked me out. I mean it was one thing to imagine the characters making love (or having angry sex, or make-up nookie) but it was another to actually put it on paper. So I decided the best thing I could do was jump in the deep end and read a bunch of scorching hot erotic romances from Ellora’s Cave (I don’t do things by halves).

People that know me, or who’ve read some of my erotic romances are probably now blinking and scratching their heads going, really? It wasn’t that I was embarrassed by sex; it was more that I didn’t know how to put it on paper and make it…well, sexy.

I can’t remember where I found Passionate Ink by Angela Knight but it has become a favourite craft book of mine. It doesn’t just cover how to write sex scenes but how to write erotic romance as a whole: hero, heroine, villain, plotting, fight scenes, everything.

There is a fantastic romantic conflict chart which I always use (if you can’t fill it in you haven’t got conflict which means you don’t have a story). She also touches on GMC, BDSM using those four letter words and all manner of kink and bedroom choreography, (yep, you don’t want the reader stopping and wondering how the hero and heroine could possibly get into that position).

So, if you intend on writing sex scenes and are looking for a general romance primer this is the book I’d recommend.

Thanks so much for that Shona. I must admit I won this book at a Romance Roadshow a couple of years back and so far have only flicked through it. Considering that I stress a bit about whether my sex scenes sound okay, think it’s time to take it out again!

What about you? Who writes sex scenes and how to you make them sparkle? Have you read this book?

Shona’s latest release is The Goblin King from Sourcebooks – and don’t ya just love that cover?

Cursed by a Druid millennia ago, Roan lives a bleak existence in the Shadowlands, desperately trying to retain his soul and not succumb to the goblin horde. When a beautiful human summons him to grant a wish, he sees a glimmer of hope. But will she ever agree to be his queen?

12 thoughts on “Theory on Thursday with Shona Husk

  1. Hah, I solved the problem of writing sex scenes – I just don't *grin*. But should I ever find myself cornered, thanks for the recommendation of a book I could turn too.

    Oh, and sexy cover you've got there Rach. Is it framed on your wall yet?

  2. hmm sex scenes…well I try to write it, if it makes me uncomfortable then I don't put certain bits in. And my parents also tell me which bits they don't like and I have to take out the real naughtie stuff. They are good judges. (think dad just dosn't want to think i know that stuff lol) I don't go into too much detail but I still like having them in my stories. Adds a bit of spice 🙂 I haven't heard of this book but might seek it out. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Starting out, I had to write the sex scenes in the early morning when I'm feeling most creative and I always worried about where the elbows and knees were, so to speak. Then at some point a cool thing happened and the sex just flowed naturally from the interaction the characters were having in the scene before (so I didn't have to write a big note that said SEX SCENE HERE and go back later to fill in the details.)I felt so triumphant but you can't exactly explain that breakthrough to anyone but other Authors and Readers of Romances!

  4. Hi Anita, you've got to write where you're comfortable–otherwise it will show. But sometimes it's good to push the edges just a little.
    Hi Fiona, when I write in first person I tend to tread very lightly, sticking to the emotions and reactions.
    Hi Veronica, It's great when it goes from mechanics to about the characters. Like most things it's just about practice.

  5. I've heard about this craft book and it's on my Must Get list. When I first started writing romance my hero and heroine were lucky if they got more than a lingering kiss. Now they're lucky if they can walk straight by the time they've finished with each other 🙂

    Am looking forward to reading The Goblin King, Shona!!

  6. I still recall writing my very first sex scene. The house was empty apart from me, but I still kept looking over my shoulder. I've heard great things about Angela's book. BTW I love the Goblin King cover. Very nice!

  7. Shona, this is timely given I have been asked to do a workshop on sex scenes in November. I think that like anything you get better with practice and I know over the years my sex scenes have got hotter or so I am told and I think iris because I have relaxed into the process. That said, I need an empty house to write a sex scene.
    Oh and LOL guess what the security code for this comment is….exica 😉

  8. Ha – Anita! I do recall Leah Ashton saying something similar, but she's been known to cross to the dark side now and again 🙂 THanks re the cover. I'm totally in love with it!

    Fiona – I squirm thinking about close family reading my sex scenes. I just try not to think about that while I'm writing them 🙂

    Veronica – LOL on Insert Sex Scene here! That sounds like something I'd do 🙂

    Mel – another recommendation. I will HAVE to get to reading it!

    Christina – LOVE how far you've come in your writing journey and am feeling for your poor ragged h&Hs!

    LOL Shelley – I do that still!

  9. I'm tend to close the door on the 'this goes with that moment' but hopefully the sensual and emotional build up gives the reader enough to let their imaginations loose!

    I don't read many historicals, but Anne Gracie's sex scenes are wonderful and, for the raunchier level, Anna Campbell is hot.

    I hadn't heard of Passionate Ink but I'll track it down – a girl can never have too many craft books 🙂

    Loving your Craft Thursdays Rach even though I'm always a day late…

  10. This book is on my shelf. I'm still flipping through it, but so far this book has helped so much. Writing sex scenes is not easy for me because it's such an intimate moment for the reader to really connect with my characters. And I really don't want to “screw” it up by not making it sound believable. Anyway, I highly recommend this book to be added to your writing craft MUST books.
    BTW LOOOVE that cover!

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