Guess what I’m doing tonight folks?

Tonight I’ll be drinking champagne with my beloved and toasting to one of my biggest ever dreams coming true because today ONE PERFECT NIGHT releases from Carina Press.

I want to take this chance to thank my gorgeous hubby and my wonderful Mum for being so supportive as I traveled this road to publication. Thank you for listening, for cleaning, for babysitting and for simply putting up with me when my mind was elsewhere lost in a book. Without you guys, I couldn’t do it!

Thanks to my three little heroes in training for putting up with me too.

Also thanks to my fabulous CPs and writing friends who actually come to quite a massive number.

To Bec, Jackie, Melissa, Janette, Cathryn and Joanne – who have been CPs and friends to me almost from the beginning of me pursuing this road and joining RWA Oz.

To Leah Ashton from Perth who absolutely rocks and talks almost as fast as me. Thanks also for your support.

To Fiona Lowe who actually read this book in its entirety between revisions and re-subbing to Carina Press. Without you, I might not have done it!

To Suz, Julie-Anne, Rosalie and Tracey who really were with me from the beginning. We may not crit or chat much anymore but you guys are all fabulous too!!

To Scarlet Wilson a recent addition to my plethora of writing friends – thanks for your enthusiasm and support.

To the Sassy Sisters for taking me on recently and accepting me as one of your own 🙂

And to Rachel Bailey, Anna Cleary, Nikki Logan and Robyn Grady who have all at some stage or another read some of my chaps and offered wise advice.

And also to Helen Lacey, Lacey Devlin, Anita Joy and Coleen Kwan who’ve been happy to help in the release celebrations.

See there was NO WAY I could thank you all in the actual book, so I refrained from mentioning anyone in particular, but you are all special to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get to where I am today.


On this special day, I’m also blogging on three other fabulous blogs and at each one there’s an opportunity to win a copy of One Perfect Night. For details follow the links below (some of the links may not go live till US time):


18 thoughts on “Guess what I’m doing tonight folks?

  1. Congratulations Rach. You made it with many more to come. You've grown so much. 🙂

    I posted a comment on face book and was off to read your book but forgot to come in here first. lol.. so here I am.

    I will toast with you at the next conference.

    Have a great debut party, and enjoy that bubbly.

    All the best,'
    Suz 🙂

  2. Congrats Rach. So happy to see the big day has arrived for you. This is the first of many release dates and I'm wishing you well for all of them. Enjoy the champers.
    Tracey T

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