Writing Santa’s Elf with Paige Tyler

Today I have Paige Tyler talking about her latest novel Santa’s Wayward Elf – I’m just totally besotted with the idea of an Elf heroine!

But first I’m very excited to announce the WINNER of Kelly Hunter’s WISH – congrats to Catherine!! Please contact Kelly through her website to claim your prize!

I love writing holiday romances, especially Christmas-themed ones, butwhen my hubby (who is also my writing partner!) suggested we write a storyabout one of Santa’s Elves, I was like, “You’re kidding, right?”Silly of me, actually. I mean, we pulled off a zombie romance in DEADSEXY, which turned out to be an EPIC Award Finalist, by the way. Hubbystill had to do some convincing, but he did it, and as we outlined the story, Icompletely fell in love with the heroine Sosie, a guileless elf who doesn’t fitin up at the North Pole and ends up stranded in NYC on Christmas Eve where shemeets and falls head over heels for a hunky cop. I think you’ll fall in lovewith her, too!
Happy Reading!
Being one of Santa’s elves isn’t all sugar plums and candy canes.
At least not for Sosie. Taller than the other elves, she’s always had aproblem fitting in at the North Pole, so when the transport sled she’s onbreaks down in New York City on Christmas Eve, she can’t resist slipping awayto explore the world of the “big people.” While she’s having fun, the transportsled takes off, leaving the naïve elf stranded.
Fortunately, handsome police detective Derek Clayton comes to herrescue, offering to let her stay at his apartment. Having heard horror storiesabout the big people, Sosie is both surprised and relieved to meet such a kind,sweet man. Not to mention one so gorgeous and well-built.

Even though Sosie expects the North Pole to send out a search party anyday, she finds herself falling for Derek. She desperately wants to tell himshe’s an elf, but knows he’ll never believe her. When the lies and omissionsstart to pile up, Derek can draw only one conclusion—Sosie is working for themob boss he’s been after for years.
Just when things seem like they can’t get any worse, the chief of elfinsecurity shows up to drag Sosie back to the North Pole. How is a runaway elfsupposed to overcome a determined security elf, dangerous mobsters and asuspicious boyfriend all while keeping her pointed ears a secret?

By the time the party wound down a few hours later, Sosie was morearoused from her fantasies than she’d ever been in her life. She was an elf inlust and nothing was going stop her from getting Derek into bed with hertonight. She didn’t care how much of a gentleman he was, there was no way hewas sleeping on the couch again. In fact, if she had her way, he wasn’t goingto be sleeping at all.

After they got back up to his apartment, however, her confidencefaltered. But then she thought of the frustrated night she would assuredly haveahead of her if she didn’t proposition Derek, and how much she would regret itwhen she left.

Taking a deep breath, she turned to face him. “I had a great time at theparty. It was very nice of you to invite me.”

He grinned. “I’m glad you came. I had a good time, too.”

Sosie nibbled on her lower lip. Okay, it was now or not at all. Time tobe a bold elf. She looked up at him. “You know, I feel awful about putting youout of your bed again. I was thinking maybe you might want to sleep with metonight.”

He studied her in silence, his dark eyes unreadable. Sosie held herbreath as she waited for him to say something. What if Tracee and Linda hadbeen wrong? What if Derek wasn’t as “into her” as they’d thought?

“If I share the bed with you, Sosie,” he said softly, “sleeping is thelast thing either of us will be doing.”

She gave him what she hoped was a flirtatious look. “Good. Then themistletoe won’t go to waste.”

His mouth curved into a grin at the tiny sprig of greenery dangling fromher fingers. “Mistletoe, huh?”

“I thought I could put it wherever I want you to kiss me.”

He chuckled. “Honey, you don’t need mistletoe for that. I’ve spent thepast two hours fantasizing about kissing every inch of you.”

Her pulse skipped a beat. “You have?”


 Cupping her face in his hand, he bent his head to cover her mouth withhis. This time, there was no hesitancy in the kiss. This time, his mouth movedover hers with an urgency that left her breathless, and she had to cling to hisshoulders to keep from melting as his tongue plunged into her mouth to takepossession of hers. It was as if he couldn’t seem to get enough of her. Thedesire was mutual. She couldn’t get enough of him, either.

With a groan, Derek swung her up in his arms and strode toward the bedroom.She’d never had a guy do something so romantic before—mainly because she wasalways taller than the elf guys she’d slept with—but she decided it was veryhot.

Once beside the bed, Derek set her on the floor, letting her slideslowly and deliciously down his body. Arms still looped around his neck, shepulled him down for another kiss. This time, she was the aggressor, her tongueseeking his and exploring every inch of his tasty mouth.
Derek groaned and ran his hands down her back to firmly cup her ass throughthe tight jeans she wore. She murmured her appreciation against his mouth as hepulled her more tightly against him. His erection strained against his jeans,pressing into her tummy. Mmm. Well, that answered the question as to whether hewas well built everywhere. It felt as if he had a huge candy cane hidden inthere.

Suddenly impatient to see how well built, Sosie ran her hands down hischest to the bottom of his shirt and urgently pushed it up. Derek must havethought she needed some help because he reached back and pulled it over hishead to toss it on the floor.
She’d thought getting a glimpse of him without a shirt last night hadbeen a treat, but seeing all that sculpted muscle up close was even better.Figgy, he was gorgeous.
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Geez, and I thought MY heroine had an interesting career!! Any ideas for crazy characters Paige should pull off next?

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