Don’t Snitch the Sprinkles with Jen Tucker

Thank you to everyone who’s followed and commented on my Christmas Book blog party. It’s been an awesome month, with lots of lovely giveaways. There’s still the chance to win Stacey Kennedy’s book in the post below (so go ahead and comment) but today I’m delighted to introduce to you hilarious and gorgeous girl Jen Tucker. I met Jen through Twitter and she’s always a whirl of happiness and positiveness. I love it. She’s not talking about her own book today but her most recent release is The Day I Wore My Panties Inside Out and it sounds like a hoot. It’s on my must-read list in 2012!! Without further ado… here’s Jen herself!!

     Oh Christmas!  How I love thee, and I can count the ways.  So manyfond memories, so many calories that end up on my rear end.   Iattempt to embrace both of those things equally.  Curse you chocolate fudge!  Curse you my sister-in-law’s homemade toffee!  Wow, where did that hostility come from?   Okay, maybe I am not yet at the place toembrace my expanding waistline that can accompany the holidays.   For me however, the sweetsof Christmas go hand in hand with the memories, and both are wrapped up intoone of my favorite little packages that I want to share with you.
     TheChristmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher, written andillustrated by Virgil Partch, is my favorite children’s book.  Although it is a Christmas story, I think itcarries with it a lesson that holds true year round.  It was first printed in 1969, which is *AHEM*older than most of us, right?  I firstheard this story when it was read to me at a Christmas party.  The company my father worked for as anelectrical engineer threw a huge Christmas bash for employees and theirfamilies every year at their corporate office. I remember one particular party in 1978, when I was just a blonde,seven-year-old little girl that answered to “Jenny” then.  I can recall that I was worried that waitingin line to give Santa my wish list was going to interfere with the story timethat was about to take place.  Even then,I was a girl with priorities about reading. Plus, I knew that Santa reallylived at Gillmore’s department store in Kalamazoo, Michigan so who was thisimposter?   I think I did the quick exchange; list forSanta and candy cane for me, and made it out in record time.  I quickly found a seat in a large auditoriumwith my parents.   My father, noticing myline of vision was obstructed by other people’s heads, scooped me up onto hislap so I could have the best view possible. I love my daddy. 
     I can still clearly remember trying tolean in closer and closer, caught up in the illustrations projected on thescreen and getting lost in the storyteller’s animated voice.  My mom took notice, because the next dayafter school there was a gift waiting for me; the book itself.  I remember grabbing it from the kitchencounter, kissing my mom on the cheek, and running up to my room to get busyreading.  I know, I know!  You all are saying, “Jen what is this bookabout already?  Sheesh!” 
     This big, meanie snitcher decides to robthe town of all its sprinkles.  Thechildren wake up to find that their baking is stopped short because thisimportant ingredient is missing from every kitchen cupboard in every home.  A little boy, Nat, dries his teary eyes andtreks off to find the sprinkles and the snitcher because:
“Christmascookies without sprinkles
arelike raisins without wrinkles,
arelike sleigh bells without tinkles
areChristmas cookies without sprinkles.”
     Little Nat follows the trail of sprinklesleft behind to the snitcher himself, The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher (itsaid so on his mailbox, so no mistaken identity, plus he had the goods onhim).  Nat tells this snitcher that his sprinklesnitching fun has spoiled the fun of others. There is remorse and amends to be made. In the end, the sprinkles are sprinkled onto all the children’s cookiesand The Snitcher tells Nat:
“ThoughI haven’t a sprinkle
I’venever been richer.”
       Wecan learn a lot from Mr. Snitcher, can’t we? Christmas brings with it the importance of looking at all the blessingswe all have in our lives.  Times aretough.  Wallets feel like they areshrinking, and time feels fleeting these days. We are so busy with the hustle and bustle in life, that sometimes it isdifficult to stop and realize the richness our life already contains.  What richness do you find in your life evenwhen there might not a sprinkle to be found? I know it’s there, because it is something no snitcher could ever snatchaway from you.  It belongs only toyou.    
MerryChristmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and Happy New Year to you and yourfamily!  May you all bless others, and beblessed this holiday season.

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