Training the perfect man! And Merry Christmas!

It’s a running joke in our marriage that I knew when we tied the knot that DH wasn’t romantic and he knew I was a writer, so these were two things we just had to put up with. Apparently not being romantic also includes having a MASSIVE FEAR of buying the wrong present for me and therefore he generally avoids this at all costs. For the last eight years, I’ve been saying I want jewellery and he’s been telling me to go and choose something and buy it then. Ah… not the same, come on ladies, you agree, don’t you?

Anyway this year, I sent him with three helpers and told him that our middle son (cyberly known as Trouble) would know what to get me. Whenever I’ve been shopping with Trouble I’m astounded by his fabulous taste. Well, he’s only five but he won the prize for best pressie this year. Hubby let all three of them choose something. From High Maintenance I got a lovely pair of earrings (bit dressy to wear everyday though) and from His Lordship I got five romantic comedy DVDs (think Hubby chose these)! But from Trouble I got possibly the funkiest and most beautiful necklace I’ve ever laid eyes on. It has words inscribed on the silver ovals – Passion, Serenity, Success, Energy, Patience and Love.

I actually CRIED!! And then I looked at my gorgeous five year old boy and thought, some day, he’s gonna make one special girl a VERY happy lady!

I hope you all had lovely Christmas’ with people you hold near and dear and got some pretty special presents too.

Remember if anyone got a new e-reader and needs books, ONE PERFECT NIGHT is available at Carina Press and Amazon 🙂


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