My New Year Pub Crawl

Hope you all had a fantastic New Year weekend. I went away with my gorgeous hubby and boys to visit his mother in Southern Cross (a rural/mining town in Western Australia for those who aren’t from these parts).

Although not raised in the country, I’ve lived in a small rural community for the past seven years and there’s something about being out in the bush that agrees with me, which is probably why I set JILTED – my June 2012 release – in a small country town.

 I love the fact that everyone knows everyone (although this is not always a good thing) and that you can pretty much guarantee what you’ll find in a small town. These include a big oval or rec centre (country towns love their sport), a post office, a small supermarket or general store, a town hall of some kind, a service station, maybe a bank and almost always at least one pub.

My current manuscript – tentatively titled MAN DROUGHT – is also set in a small rural community. Whereas JILTED centres around the romance AND the revival of the local theatrical society, MAN DROUGHT centres around the romance and the goings-on at the local pub! There’s something about country pubs that are begging for stories to be told in them. There’s so much potential in these places. So today, while we traveled home, I took photos of pubs in some of the places we drove through.

My vision of the pub in MAN DROUGHT is most like the pub right above. I’m itching to get stuck back into this story and hope to finish it by the end of April but first I must finish my revisions for HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAK!!


9 thoughts on “My New Year Pub Crawl

  1. Natalie – I'm hoping to have a few quirky characters, but any more ideas would be much appreciated 🙂

    Thanks Scarlet – and good plan re keeping them!

    Hi Romy – I hope I can write a good story to match.

    Joanne – thanks!!

  2. I love these outback towns and pubs. My Nephew lives in Southern Cross. Good luck with all of your writing projects. I can't wait to read some more 🙂

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