My Keeper Shelf – Part One (category romance)

I used to be a hoarder and keep absolutely EVERY book I’ve ever bought, but now, I’m more ruthless because my book collection got simply ridiculous and we’ve moved around a lot. Removalists (and husbands) get cranky having to cart around heavy book boxes. Go figure!

Anyway, I was sad to throw many of my massive collection of Mills & Boon novels away – some I gave to my mother-in-law who is an avid fan too 🙂 But there are a few category novels that will stay with me until they pack ME up in a box and no doubt my boys will have to decide what to do with mum’s tatty old books. These are the novels that I plan on rereading one day when I have OODLES AND OODLES of time (of which I don’t right now).

Here’s my Mills & Boon Keeper List:

  • The Magnate’s Indecent Proposal – by Ally Blake – possibly my favourite category book of all time. I will NEVER loan this out and DIE if I lose it. 
  • The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella – by Liz Fielding
  • Molly Cooper’s Dream Date – by Barbara Hannay
  • Wife For A Week – by Kelly Hunter
  • Take On Me – by Sarah Mayberry
  • The Princes of the Outback series – by Bronwyn Jameson
  • In McGillivray’s Bed – by Anne McAllister
  • Breakfast AT Giovanni’s – by Kate Hardy
  • Oh-So-Sensible Secretary – by Jessica Hart
  • Hot-Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal – by Heidi Rice
I get excited just typing these titles.
In the next few days I’ll do a post about my keeper single title books but first, if you read Mills & Boon, I’d love to hear some of your keepers and if not, I dare you to track down one of these titles and have a read 🙂

13 thoughts on “My Keeper Shelf – Part One (category romance)

  1. I'll definitely tracking some of these down. Top of my list for favourite category would have to be Nikki and the Lone Wolf by Marion Lennox. Heart of a Hero by Barbara Wallace up there, too.

  2. Gawd! Fancy asking that question to someone who's been reading M&B's since she was eleven. I despair when I have to clean out the titles and give to good will. But my keepers – ha, they go where I go.
    Leopard in The Snow by Anne Mather
    Dark Illusion by Patrica Wilson
    Reckless By Ruth Wind
    Baby I'm Yours By Karen Templeton
    The Color Of Midnight By Robyn Donald
    The Stephanos Marriage By Helen Bianchin.
    I will never part with them. Ever. LOL.
    Great post Rach!

  3. Fab post Rach!

    Yes, I've got a few of your keepers on my shelf too!!!

    I've recently donated heaps of my HMB books but kept a number as I just couldn't part with them.

    Thank goodness for my kindle/ipad so now I can keep as many books as I want with out the clutter – hooray!

  4. Great topic, Rach!
    OK, here are mine:
    The Best Laid Plans – Sarah Mayberry
    Her Surprise Hero – Abby Gaines
    The Secret Life Of Lady Gabriella – Liz Fielding
    Last Minute Proposal – Jessica Hart
    Reunited: Marriage In A Million – Liz Fielding
    Her Cattleman Boss – Barbara Hannay
    Outback Boss, City Bride – Jessica Hart.
    Fantastic reads, all of them 🙂

  5. Hi Rach!

    I don't read a lot of category anymore (a bit too close to home!) but I have a few keepers:
    – City Girl on Training by Liz Fielding – fun, cute and told in first person. loved it!
    – Colorado Christmas by CC Coburn – reminds me of Doc Hollywood with great characters . I love small town US stories
    – Bron Jameson's Addicted to Nick. Such a romantic story!
    Also have to admit the Diamonds Down Under Desire series is a total keeper for me 🙂

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