My Secret Life with… FIONA PALMER

New blog, new segment. Today I launch my new blog segment – MY SECRET LIFE! At the moment, I haven’t decided to schedule these on a specific day, but rather when they crop up. Secret and surprising!

The idea is that some of your favourite authors will share an insight into their non-writing life. The things they get up to when they’re not hunched over keyboard creating characters, worlds and problems.

First up is Fiona Palmer – her latest book is The Road Home. I love her writing and her first two books, and this one is the top of my TBR pile (my Mum nabbed it first). I think you’ll see Fiona has a very full life and it’s no wonder she can create such rich worlds…

Welcome Fiona!

 What I do when I’m not writing….

I run around after my children, making sure they do their homework, checking they have cleaned their rooms and done their chores. Cart them around to what ever sports they are doing or we have their mates sleepover.  On the weekend I spent much of Sunday pumping up buggy tyres and then pushing it when the motor gave out. (Hence my sore legs today) Then the kids resarected my old go-kart called the Flying Flea, which doesn’t even work. (Hey, it’s as old as me…I’m not surprised, I don’t want to go most days either.)

So after pushing that around for a while they ended up towing it behind the neighbours 4wheel motorbike, which was much more fun. So while they were doing this I was trying to catch up on housework!! During summer, while it was hot I tried to take the kids out to the lake on the weekends so they could have some fun. It’s here that I got to see some spectacular sunsets worth writing about!


Then there is the day job, working at the shop two days a week. We are coming up to seeding soon, so the chemicals will be on the move soon. Time to fire up the trusty old forklift. She’s a funny little forklift, need to know how to start her as she’s tricky. Once I was taking a load off the back of a truck and as I was going towards the load, I tapped the brakes and found I had none! Whack into the side of the tray. Lucky I moved the forks so they didn’t damage anything but still a freaky feeling.  But the shop is good fun, I get to catch up with the locals and it’s my time away from the house. (I have to actually get out of my house clothes for once lol) Also when the farmers get busy it can mean road trips out to their farms to deliver supplies. And sometimes I do the mail run for my mum when she is away. But I love driving around the country side, checking out the sights. 

I have a few community commitments, so that means a few meetings here and there, looking for grants, typing up letters or notices. But they don’t take up too much of my time. I love my job on the Christmas Tree. It is a long running event in our community and is the biggest event of the year. My friend and I organise it all, and buy all the presents for the kids. Every year we love bringing something new for the kids and have an absolute ball buying the biggest and best presents. I can remember when my mum used to do it. J 

Because our town is so small, we don’t have any sports. But we have an awesome Golf Club. Our cricket club is joined with a small nearby town, but we have no footy, hockey or netball teams. So I drive 60km north to play hockey with the Karlgarin/Hyden team. So when hockey starts up my Saturdays are gone, especially when you add travelling to the far away towns we play against. But I love catching up with the girls and going for a run. (my only source of exercise lol). I also play a bit of golf on Sundays. Not as much as I used to since I got back into hockey. (my whole weekend disappears with sport then :/ ) But I am the secretary for the club so I do my bit and even if I don’t play I go up for the dinners. Of course, with most things in the bush, everyone brings in a casserole and you stuff yourself silly with all sorts of yummy dishes.

 But when I finally get a moment to myself, with no writing, Facebook, Twitter, kids, husband, shop work, gardening, chooks….well then I like to spend my time reading or watching a movie. That’s my down time. Oh, that and sleep!!

WOSWERS Fiona – I honestly don’t know how you manage to find the time to write your fabulous books but I’m very glad you can. 

Fiona can be found online at her website, on Facebook and Twitter. You can read the blurb of her latest book below – available in all good bookstores (downunder) and online.

Blurb – The Road Home 

When your life is at a crossroads, how do you find the road home?

Lara Turner has a boyfriend, a nice house in the city and a chance at a big promotion. So when her brother calls asking her to come home, she hesitates. Can she face the memories that inhabit the beloved place of her childhood? And how does she feel with the news it’s to be sold? Is she the answer to saving the family farm?

Jack Morgan has memories of his own to contend with. A falling-out with his family and a bitter end to a past relationship have left a big chip on his shoulder. When his best mate’s beautiful sister arrives on the scene, he finds himself deeply conflicted.

Lara and Jack have a powerful attraction but are constantly at odds. Will their love of the same land keep them apart, or grow into a love of a different kind?

From the bestselling author of The Family Farm and Heart of Gold comes a heartwarming novel about finding your true place in the world, and the healing power of the land.


11 thoughts on “My Secret Life with… FIONA PALMER

  1. So fun to read about Fiona! I think everyone would have more fun in life with a go-kart; especially coined, “Flying Flea!” Love it!

  2. Wow – you have an insainly busy life – but i’m very glad you have time to fit in writing some amazing books in there too!

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