A … Original AND a contest!

Hi folks

Hope you’re all having a nice relaxing Good Friday and celebrating in whichever way suits you. I like to remember the religious meaning of the Easter weekend as well as have an egg hunt with my boys on Sunday, which I’m very much looking forward to.

Today I’m blogging over at the Seven Sassy Sisters and here’s a taste of my post titled “A … Original”:

Warning: This is an HONEST post.

I’ve been having a few writing issues lately (could be cos I’ve got a lot of stressful things happening in my non-writing life but either way, it’s been tough)! Even when I do find the time to sit down at the keyboard, the minute I do in fact, a MASSIVE doubt crow lands upon my shoulder and whispers horrid things into my ear. Mostly along the lines of ”So and So Big-Name Author is funnier than you in her books, So and So Bestseller Author’s book are MUCH-more rural than yours, So and So Your Friend The Writer has so much more emotional depth to her story…”  The list goes on and on about why I’m a fraud, why I’m not good enough, why the book I’m currently writing is so bad that my publisher will take one look at it and bar me from EVER emailing her a submission again.

You can read the rest of the post here!

Also if you missed out on Louisa George’s very useful post on Theory on Thursday, be sure to check it out. Louisa only just found out she’s sold her THIRD book to M&B Medical Romance and has generously offered to give a copy of her debut book to any commenter on her post. So don’t forget to check it out and leave a comment or question 🙂

That’s about it for me this post. Enjoy Easter and keep safe if you’re on the roads.


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