The End and some reviews!

I’m a wee bit happy and bouncy today because I just finished the first draft of the book I’ve been rabbitting on about since the end of last year. My wip – currently known as ”Man Drought” is a contemporary rural ROMANCE set in a country pub with a whole bunch of characters I’ve fallen in love with. I really hope you’ll get the chance to fall in love with them too.

Somehow while I’ve been plodding on with Imogen and Gibson’s story (don’t you just LOVE those names?), I’ve managed to read a few books. Having read the lovely Jenn McLeod’s blog this morning, I was ashamed to realise I’ve kind of forgotten to blog about the fabulous Aussie books I’ve been reading for the Australian Women Writers challenge. So I’m about to remedy that and share with you, my two latest Aussie reads – WATTLE CREEK by Fiona McCallum and PURPLE ROADS by Fleur McDonald.

WATTLE CREEK is about farmer Damien and psychologist Jacqueline. It’s in essence the romance of how these two characters overcome personal difficulties to find love and strength in each other. Fiona deals with issues such as depression and male suicide, which are very much a problem in rural Australia where she sets her novels. Fiona’s style and story were easy to read and I found myself turning the pages quickly and rooting for her characters. The only thing that made this story slightly hard to believe in my opinion was the fact Jacqueline allowed herself to become personally involved with a patient. Getting past this, I still really enjoyed the story and loved the secondary characters almost as much as that spunk Damien!!

PURPLE ROADS although also rural set was very different to WATTLE CREEK. The protagonists in this book are already married, so it’s not a romance so to speak. Saying that, it’s a love story that shows two young people deal with personal tragedy, suffer and almost lose their relationship, to finally come back together stronger than ever. PURPLE ROADS is a great suspense book and its the passion of the hero to find answers and justice that causes tension with his wife and also makes you desperate to know who the culprit of the crimes are. Again, this is an easy to read story – so easy in fact, it kept me awake to the early hours of last night.

All in all, two great Aussie novels, by two lovely authors. Now that I’ve finished the first draft of MAN DROUGHT I’m taking a little break to let it rest before taking it over the coals again. In that time, I plan to do lots of reading. I have some critting to catch up on and also a TBR pile in huge need of attention, so hopefully I’ll have more book write ups for you soon.


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