Theory on Thursday with Karly Lane

This week I’m welcoming all out lovely person and VERY talented author Karly Lane to the blog. I’ve read a couple of her books now and they always keep me eagerly turning pages. Morgan’s Law sounds so fabulous and I’m planning on nabbing a copy in Perth this afternoon. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight? Anyway, without further ado (or rather more ramblings from me), here’s the lady herself…

Welcome Karly!

Well Rachael has asked me to do a guest post on Theory on Thursday. Now anyone who knows me will be laughing themselves silly over the fact that I’m supposed to be talking about anything to do with theory and my editors are probably having a mini stroke at the thought!

I would have to be the last person qualified to give an opinion on anything to do with the mechanics of writing…so I guess going with that theory, it should give other writers who such at punctuation and have no idea what they’re doing—a confidence boost to realise you too can be published!!!

I don’t have any field of expertise but I thought I’d maybe discuss Point of View because that seems to be the only thing I don’t have too much trouble with!

When I stared writing- I had no idea what I was doing (even less than I do now!) I just decided one day that if I loved reading so much then I could write!  Ummm…not exactly. It took a further twelve years to actually get published, however the one thing I seemed to do without too much problem was write ok, POV.

I think because I started reading a lot of Mills and Boon I fell into the habit of writing in third person and using both hero/ heroine POV’s and it became comfortable to do so. It wasn’t until North Star when Allen & Unwin picked it up that they asked if I’d change it all into just the heroine’s POV. That was the first time I’d been faced with changing how I wrote POV.

Then for some unknown reason I decided to try writing fantasy and wrote the whole thing in first person. Lots of books are written in first person and I can read them, when they’re written well, without a problem…my attempt though, was not well written and I ended up going back and rewriting the entire manuscript into third person.

It’s good to experiment with different styles of POV, but I suggest only writing a chapter or two and putting it aside before you write an entire manuscript…if when you come back to it – it feels right then by all means continue… but I can tell you now it’s a lot easier to rewrite a few chapters than a whole manuscript!

Wise advice about having a play with writing and seeing what works for you, Karly! I think this can work for genre and length as well 🙂

You can find Karly at her website, on Facebook and on Twitter. Check out the blurb of her latest release Morgan’s Law below.

Blurb – Morgan’s Law
When Sarah Murphy returns to Australia she desperately needs a break from her high-powered London life. And though mystified by her grandmother’s dying wish for her ashes to be scattered under ‘the wishing tree’ on the banks of the Negallan River, she sets out to do just that.

While searching for the wishing tree, Sarah stays in the small township of Negallan. It’s there that she finally has some time to relax and unwind, there that she finds herself drawn to a handsome local farmer, and there that she discovers her enquiries about her grandmother are causing disquiet within the powerful local Morgan family.

Will the Morgans prevent Sarah from discovering the truth about her grandmother? And should she risk her glittering career in the UK for a simpler existence in the country, and the possibility of true love?

By the bestselling author of North Star, Morgan’s Law takes you on a compelling journey into a young woman’s hopes and dreams.



9 thoughts on “Theory on Thursday with Karly Lane

  1. Hello Karly and Rachael 😀

    Karly, I loved North Star and can’t wait to read Morgan’s Law. It’s teasing me from my TBR shelf as we speak. I love hearing the story from both the hero’s and the heroine’s POV. Perhaps that’s why I’m not a huge fan of stories written in first person. (Although I do enjoy them from time to time.) Good luck and wishing you all the best in sales.

  2. I think first person works well in humorous stories like Stephanie Plum. I did read a book recently where the story alternated between first person and third person, and I found that a bit jarring.
    Best of luck with the new release, Karly.

    • Oh wow that would have been interesting! Wonder how they got that past an editor! hmm maybe I’ll try that one!!! 🙂 thanks Coleen x

  3. Great post. I’m fairly new to romance but have noticed that most that I’ve read have been in alternating dual third-person POV (the heroine’s and then the hero’s). It can be interesting to read a different approach–some stories call for it after all. (Although I admit that like Coleen I find that switching between 1st and 3rd can be jarring sometimes)

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