What a writer does when they’re not writing…

I’m between books. It’s WEIRD!! But I’m trying to ignore the weird feeling and go with the flow of the many, many things I can and should be doing between books.

So far… here’s what I’ve done since subbing Man Drought:

  • Started exercising again. Hopefully it’s fourth time lucky on the Couch to 5k running program. My persistent back injury keeps stopping my progress but I started again this morning and already I feel great.
  • Watch movies with my kids – something I rarely do, because when they have ”Quiet Time” I try to write, yes, I feel GUILTY about that. So yesterday was Lady and The Tramp and we haven’t yet decided what this arvo’s will be.
  • Mop the floor, and catch up on all the other household tasks that fall by the wayside when I’m in the final throws of a manuscript – let’s be honest, they fall by the wayside in the beginning and middle of a manuscript too.
  • Spend some time with hubby – read sit on the couch and attack my TBR pile while he annoyingly flicks the channels on the TV with the remote. Hey, at least I’m multi-tasking – reading and spending quality time with the man. Well, almost quality!
  • Write blog posts for my upcoming release – I’ve only just started but am going to do lots of this this week.
  • Read for my CPs – I’ve been a terrible crit partner of late, so am going to try and catch up, starting by reading some of Cathryn Hein’s and Becca J Heath’s wips.
  • Dream a LOT about what book I should write next and try to come up with a good plot, characters, etc.
  • Cook more – which means more cakes and desserts, not main meals, much to my hubby’s disgust.
  • Think about catching up on the photo scrapbooks I’ve started for the boys. High Maintenance’s first year is done (and beautiful), Trouble’s is about half a year complete, and His Lordship has an album but it is empty. Yes, I am HORRIBLY behind.
  • Oh and this week, I am spending a WHOLE day in Perth on my own (read – no kids) to get my hair done and shop! I can’t WAIT!!!

Have I missed anything? What do you do when you’re on a break from work?



13 thoughts on “What a writer does when they’re not writing…

  1. Housework. Urgh. But it does tend to get ignored when in the throes of a book. Actually, there’s a whole lot of stuff that gets ignored which is why it’s so important to make the most of that precious downtime, Rach, even if you do feel guilty for not writing.

    What is the phrase for it that we so often hear romance writers use? Feeding the girls in the basement, that’s it. Yeah. Take time to make those girls fat. They’re the ones that keep the creative fire burning.

  2. Oh, Rach, our lists are so similar I’m wondering if you’ve peered into my life *grin*. Although you’ll be pleased to know that you’re ahead on the scrapbooking – haven’t started Heckle’s and I’ve only done 1 year of Jeckle’s (so that’s a total of 13 years behind, lol).

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