An interview with my Alter-Ego

RJ – Today I’d like to welcome my alter-ego – non-fiction writer Rachael Blair, who’s just self-published her non-fiction book on Amazon Kindle. Welcome Rach!

RB – Thanks Rach, it’s fabulous to be here 🙂

RJ – Can you tell us a bit about BREASTFEEDERS ANONYMOUS?

RB – I wrote BREASTFEEDERS ANONYMOUS over five years ago now, during my first son’s daytime naps. I was lucky enough to have good help in hospital with breastfeeding and ended up feeding him for sixteen months (son 2 fed till he was 23 months, I had fears he’s still be feeding when he graduated high school). Although I had a good breastfeeding experience, I had many friends who desperately wanted to breastfeed during pregnancy but had to give up for one reason or another within weeks, sometimes days of birth. I thought there had to be a way to help these people who WANTED to breastfeed but COULDN’T. Thus I started talking to other mums (friends and people I met through online forums) about their experiences and I started researching, reading every book on the topic I could get my hands on.

I decided I wanted to write a book that was basically a mum’s book in a group, where lots of women could chats about their experiences of breastfeeding, the good, the bad and the downright horrible. But I wanted it to be more than anecdotal, so I contacted the Australian Breastfeeders Association, looking for a lactation consultant to work with me on the project. I found the Joy Anderson. I then researched and wrote a number of questions new mums might ask about breastfeeding and Joy answered these. In addition to my thoughts, and Joy’s knowledge, I collected photos, stories from mum’s and much much more. This resulted in a massive book but one I believe is the ideal resource for pregnant women and new mums.

RJ – What’s your favourite section in Breastfeeders Anonymous?

RB – Do I have to choose just one? Okay, I LOVE the photos – if you’re breastfeeding, make sure you take photos, they are just so precious. But I think one of my fave parts are the 28 Myths scattered throughout the book. These basically take a common myth and bust them. Some myths include – Breastfeeding Comes Naturally, Insufficient Milk Supply Is A Common Problem, Bottle-feeding Is Easier Than Breastfeeding.

RJ – I see there are four parts to Breastfeeders Anonymous, can you explain these?

RB – Part one: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – this includes stories from women in different situations (breastfeeding multiples, adopting, premmies, etc). Part Two: What they won’t teach you at breastfeeding school! – this mostly explores the emotional side of breastfeeding. Part Three: The Poli-tits of Breastfeeding – This includes things such as history, laws, debates regarding breastfeeding and feminism issues. Part Four: Breasts & Bolts – Further information and places to go.

RJ – WOW, I’ve finished having babies, but even I want to read this book.  Where can I get it?

RB – Funny you should ask… it’s currently FREE for FIVE DAYS only on Amazon and if you’d prefer a print copy, you can purchase online at 

RJ – Have you got any plans to write more non-fiction?

RB – Never say NEVER. I often make jokes about writing a book called ‘How To Raise The Perfect Man’ but we won’t know if I’m actually qualified for quite a few years yet 🙂

RJ – Thanks for stopping by and talking about something we don’t usually talk about around here.

RB – Thanks for having me. It was a pleasure!


10 thoughts on “An interview with my Alter-Ego

  1. Two of you? How scary!! LOL.
    All teasing aside, this is a fabulous book. As a mum of three with many of the breastfeeding challenges covered across them all i highly recommend it!

  2. I love the way you have approached breast feeding Rach, my experience was horrid. to have a book that has the thoughts and experience of REAL Mums is fantastic. I also have read one on pregnancy, written the same way. I learnt more from reading that book than anything else. I was also a Granma by then. It now is on my Kindle. PS Great interview. ;D)

  3. What a great idea for a book! I’m all done with babies, but I too loved nursing despite having mastitis (sp?) many times. I was determined to make it work, and I did. I know many women aren’t as lucky and would benefit from support like this. Good luck with the book!

  4. Love the interview – are you a Gemini too? And how talented are you to be writing fiction and non-fiction!! Beats me how you have time enough to do one genre!!

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