First round of edits for Hollywood

My first round of edits for my Hollywood book for Carina have landed. This is good in that it means I have something writing related to do to hopefully distract me from wondering what my other publisher thinks about Man Drought. And also gives me time to try to work out which book I want to write next.

What I find most fascinating about my Carina edits is the words/phrases I’m asked to change because they are too Aussie. It’s strangely fascinating because I’d never have thought of myself as having a particularly Aussie slang dialogue – my family is British and I think this has influenced a lot of my speaking habits, at least I thought it had.

Words I’ve had to change this time have been mostly colloquialisms: naff, grotty, swish to name but a few. And of course there’s the mums to moms, the car park to parking lots, rubbish to trash, etc, etc, etc. I don’t have to change EVERYTHING, I have an Aussie heroine in LA so get to keep some of her dialect true-blue, but I have to change anything that may completely jar the international reader, thus taking them out of the story. Most of the edits this time are reasonably small changes like the stuff mentioned above, but there are a few overall plot points that need enhancing.

It’s funny that the four things my editor mentioned, were all things that I instantly agreed with. I think if I’m honest, I knew them deep down but wasn’t sure how to fix them. Hopefully now that I’ve had a good amount of time away from this ms (I’ve written a whole ST while waiting for sale, edits, etc), I’ll be able to see how to fix these things more clearly.

I’m slowly establishing my own process for edits – to do the small/easy changes first and then a read through of the whole ms before I tackle the bigger issues. So… that’s my agenda for the week.

What’s on yours?

16 thoughts on “First round of edits for Hollywood

  1. That’s so interesting Rach about your Aussie/US word changes. I just double-checked my June US release, and they kept all my “mum”s etc 🙂 I wonder why Carina makes those changes, and Harlequin Romance didn’t? Although I did self-edit a little, and I used flip-flops rather than thongs 🙂 No point scaring people!

    I think I’m the opposite of you with my edits, it’s big stuff first, and easy changes last. I did it all by colour coding last time, and just left the easy changes until the end.

    Do you have a title yet?? 🙂

    • Big stuff first sounds less lazy.
      No title yet. I sent FIFTEEN options to the title team last week, so it’s just a matter of waiting to see what they come up with. Will keep you updated!

      • I agree, big stuff first sounds very active and brave. I’m like Rach and take baby steps, sorting the little things first while I’m thinking about the big stuff. It can be too overwhelming otherwise. But then I’m a bit of a sook…

      • Hi Stephanie – it’s a bit disheartening but I guess something we need to get used to if we want to be globally understood. Although I have to admit, I trip up on some very US terms.

  2. I was just wondering, how do you get an editor to look at your book? It is through a publishing house or did you find an editor through an agent? Thank you.

    • Hi Megan – I may not have been clear, this book is already contracted to Carina Press, so it’s my editor there who is making first round edits before publication. I don’t have an agent, although I’m seriously thinking of starting the hunt for one. Hope that answers your questions. 🙂

  3. Just wondering Rach why Aussie writers must change certain words, when American’s can keep theirs. I do understand some writers go over the top, but normal everyday words??. So looking forward to reading this one, as all of them. Happy writing.

  4. Enjoy that editing process, Rach. I tackle the big stuff first then work my way down the list – I’m such a pilot personality – until I’ve ticked them all off!!

    Looking forward to reading the finished manuscript 🙂

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