My Secret Life with… CATHRYN HEIN

For my second Secret Life Guest post, I have my good friend and critique partner, rural romance author Cathryn Hein. As long as I’ve known Cathryn, her passions for the things she does have shone through in our emails and conversations and I’m so happy to have her here today sharing one of them. And, I think this particular post has a lovely message for all of us writers, readers, mums, workaholics, who struggle to find the time to spend quality time with our spouses… 

Welcome Cathryn!

What I do when I’m not writing…

 Ahh, writers. This being such a sedentary occupation we’re not renowned for our athleticism, are we? I mean, it’s not as if the internet overflows with pictures of muscled, super-fit authors. More likely a google search will reveal tales of drunken behaviour, bad manners and literary grudges. Except, of course, in the Australian romance community. As I’m sure Rach will attest, we’re all lovely here!

I’m no fitness freak – far from it – but I am conscious that all this sitting around, staring at my computer screen isn’t good for my health, plus being a country girl at heart I get fed up with being inside all the time. So my solution is to get out and chase a little white ball around.

Yes, I’m one of those. A golfer.

At least, that’s what I call myself. There are days when I’m sure my performance on the greens and fairways bears absolutely no resemblance to how the sport is meant to be played. I blame my dad who, in his wisdom, didn’t cart me off to the club professional the moment I showed an interest in the game, but instead taught me himself. The result? I inherited quite a few of his bad habits while developing a few interesting ones of my own. I’m enthusiastic, no question, but enthusiasm isn’t necessarily a cushion against ugliness. The first time I went to a professional for lessons I swear he winced every time I swung at the ball. Poor man. I bet he still has issues.

Mind you, this year’s US Masters victor, Bubba Watson, is self taught, as is champion lady golfer Laura Davies and late golfing genius Seve Ballesteros. I guess the difference is they have (or had, in Seve’s case) innate talent whereas I, sadly, possess none. As my dad so often loves to state, usually after a duffed shot, “Us Heins weren’t meant to play golf.” A truism if ever there was one.

It doesn’t matter. Golf’s fun (mostly), social, great exercise and gets me away from the computer, out in the fresh air and soaking up some vitamin D. When you consider my other favourite past-times include cooking and restauranting, it’s not hard to conclude that walking 6 or so kilometres while swinging a steel or graphite rod around is also somewhat vital.

But you know the best thing about golf? It’s something Jim and I can do as a couple. Yes, we’re not very good and sometimes downright painful to watch, but we’re not very good and painful to watch together. And in my world, that’s what really counts.

Thanks so much for sharing your fascinating love of Golf. You have inspired me also to find something to do with my hubby again. Once upon a time we read novels to each other, but we haven’t done that for years. Once we also talked about learning Spanish together but then we moved to the country where there were no classes, of course now I’m sure we could find one online.

So, I’ve got a question for everyone out there… What special thing do YOU do with someone you love?

You can find Cathryn online at her website, on Facebook and Twitter. Cathryn’s latest novel HEART OF THE VALLEY is out now and available in all good book shops and online at places like Booktopia and Fishpond. The blurb is below:

Brooke Kingston is smart, capable and strongwilled ­ some might even say stubborn ­ and
lives in the beautiful Hunter Valley on her family property. More at home on horseback than in heels, her life revolves around her beloved ‘boys’ ­ showjumpers Poddy, Oddy and Sod.

Then a tragic accident leaves Brooke a mess. Newcomer Lachie Cambridge is hired to
manage the farm, and Brooke finds herself out of a job and out of luck. But she won¹t go
without a fight.

What she doesn’t expect is Lachie himself ­ a handsome, gentle giant with a will to match
her own. But with every day that Lachie stays, Brooke’s future on the farm is more uncertain.

Will she be forced to choose between her home and the man she’s falling for? A vivid, moving and passionate story of love and redemption from the author of Promises.


6 thoughts on “My Secret Life with… CATHRYN HEIN

  1. Hi Rachael and Cathryn,

    What a great post!
    Hubby and I love to watch rugby together. He gets his exercise jumping around the AV room, punching the air and I coach from the couch 🙂

    • That’s lovely, Coleen. I always think it’s great to see couples walking together. There’s a real niceness about it and, as you say, it’s great for stimulating your mind. Healthy and productive. Perfect writerly activity!

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