GREAT STUFF! And name my next HERO!

This week has been FULL of great stuff and I hope you don’t mind me sharing (well, if you do, stop reading now)!

On Thursday, I got my first ever box of books. Oh, I’ve got books in the post before of course – yes, I’m a book-buying addict, but this was the first time the books in question had MY name on the cover. I’ve heard authors talk about this feeling before and hoped that one day it would be my turn.

It was as EUPHORIC as I imagined. Here’s a picture of me holding the first copy. I’m standing at the front of our supermarket because I rocked up with my box of books and demanded hubby stop what he was doing and take a memory-making photo of me opening the box. (sorry for making you turn your head, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix this).

And here’s a photo of the whole lovely box (also unfortunately on its side):

But what is possibly even MORE exciting than this is that I started hearing of people READING my book. Eek!!! But so far the response seems okay – I’ve received some excellent reviews on Goodreads and am hopeful for more.

However possibly the best endorsement ever was my Mum starting and finishing my book TODAY! She said she loved it, and she SAID she wasn’t just saying that. My Mum’s been there since I started writing at seventeen and it’s unbelievable that she’s finally reading my BOOK.

Jilted will be in shops in Australia and New Zealand June 1st but it’s already available for pre-order on many online bookstores, including for Kindle on Amazon.

Now for the REALLY fun stuff. I’m currently daydreaming my next rural-set romance and while I have the heroine’s name – Faith – and the hero’s nickname – Monty (cos his surname’s Montgomery), I need a good male name for my hero. He’s a hard-working Aussie bloke. His parents lost the family farm when he was a child and he’s working hard as a builder or a cray fisherman (I’m currently deciding this) to save money for his farm again.

Any ideas? Will was going to be his name, but I’m not sure it a hundred percent suits him so I’m looking for more suggestions. Anyone?


21 thoughts on “GREAT STUFF! And name my next HERO!

  1. Love names you can shorten nicely – Faith is a great name, how about Rod (Rodney) or Rob/Robbie (Robert) or even Tom? can’t wait to read jilted – looks great!

  2. Oh Goody! I love things like this.
    This weeks favourite name is Flynn. Flynn Montgomery. Hmmm…
    I’m a big fan of surnames as first names – therefore, Flynn!
    Elliott – my son’s name. Also liking Blane, Carter and Grey. Maybe he’s embarrassed by his first name and prefers to go with Monty because of it? Paterson (???His gran’s surname, shortened to Pat?) or Patrick. Or something simple like Jay??? I could be here all day……

    • OMG you are good at this….I need you when I write my next book as I need names for a whole bloody football team argh!! Rach, how about Jarred, Jake, James okay now im stuck on J’s lol

      • She’s good, isn’t she Fee!? Ooh but I do like those J names too. Jarred Montgomery is never a name I’d have come up with myself but I quite like it. LOVE the sound of your football team btw!

  3. Gorgeous pictures of your book! You must be so proud, hope you celebrated!

    As for names, what about Joe? Short and sweet, but a great blokes name!

    Good luck though… I hate choosing names!


    • Thanks you! And yes, I celebrated with some very nice PINK Moscato. I’m ALL about the pink! And you know what, I REALLY LOVE Joe. Geez… this is gonna be a tough choice!

  4. How about Pete, or Craig, or Dave, or Johnno?
    love the pics btw, and does the one of you go sideways when you open it on your computer? Mine do that sometimes, but there’s a little arrow button i press and it turns it around.

      • must be the woman in the picture, maybe she’s stubborn or something, lol πŸ˜‰ …at least you’ve reminded us all to do our neck stretches today. Maybe the next blog post you can have pics going the other way so we get to stretch the other side πŸ˜‰

  5. So excited for you πŸ™‚ Cant wait to read it!

    I hate coming up with names, maybe you could go retro with a Rock, Cliff, Brute, Hawk, Clod!! Thor?? Yes, and call the heroine Destiny (because everyone loves a cliche :))

    I’m not helping am I πŸ™‚

  6. Rach! How come you aren’t all flushed from dancing a jig opening that gorgeous box of books!?!? What great photos. You should be grinning from ear to ear! And what a fantastic photo fo your mum reading your book. How exciting πŸ™‚

    I’m so not a name maker-uperer. You have enough now that I’m so late anyway!

    See you,
    Cath xo

  7. Hi Rachael -I could feel your excitement exuding off the page! I will chuck in Dwayne because it goes quite well with Montgomery and is hubby’s name πŸ™‚ But I do like the idea of William, Philip and Travis

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