Theory on Thursday with Kerri Williams

Today I’d like to welcome Eternal Press author Kerri Williams to the Theory on Thursday hot seat. Kerri is talking about something VERY close to my heart…

Take it away Kerri!

Thank you Rach for having me here today, despite my tardiness, it is an absolute honour.

From the moment you asked me to join you in this topic I have wracked my brain endlessly on what I should do about the fact that I have never—yes, that’s right— never read a ‘craft book’ in any area of my career in writing; whether it be a how to get published or how to tighten your plot, I have never read one. Now this being said doesn’t mean I don’t believe they wouldn’t be worth reading and learning from. What it means for me is that I know within myself that I’m an adaptive person who worries a lot about nothing. J

I worried that if I was to read one of these help books that I would adapt to what I learn and then worry that I lost my true voice. But guess what? You know those fantastic Hearts Talk magazines we get every month in the mail from our friendly RWA, well guess what they are…craft books!

That’s right folks; I’m reading a craft book without reading a craft book. Dear-oh-dear, am I making any sense at 5:30 in the morning?

Every month I rip into the A4 envelope that carries a wealth of information in hopes to help me better my writing. Take the last couple of Hearts Talk’s: on page 4 we have Clarity and Narrative Thread by Anna Jacobs, Tips on protecting your writing time by Sarah Mayberry, and then you have advice from editors and publishers, competitions, market watch and loads more.

Hearts Talk gives you the guts of what you need in about twenty pages for the time poor people like me, who worry way too much. J

So peeps, as it turns out I have read more craft books then I ever thought and have kept my voice. Go figure.

Thanks again Rachel, you’re a legend amongst us all for hosting a worrying rambler like me, I’m actually worried that this post isn’t helpful as the usual. bahahaha!

Relax Kerri, you’re post was FAB! I’d never thought about Hearts Talk like that before but you are absolutely right. For anyone not a member of Romance Writer’s of Australia, Hearts Talk is our monthly magazine and it is as brilliant as Kerri said. This post is close to my heart because I’ve volunteered on Hearts Talk for a number of years and also believe I owe RWA so much for teaching me most of what I know about writing. 

You can find Kerri online at her website, Twitter and Facebook.

Kerri’s latest book is Nudging Cupid – please check out the blurb below:

It’s lights, camera and love on the set of Nudging Cupid- Australia’s new television show and Ivy Mason has big plans.

Unfortunately, when it comes to love, nothing goes to plan.
Nudging Cupid was to be Ivy’s first production, the ladder to her success. All she had to do was get three sexy as sin bachelors to find love in a mansion of twelve beautiful woman and capture it all on film for Australia to watch. How hard could that be?
But all Ivy’s plans go awry when she comes into contact with the dark haired, blue eyed, Owen Radcliff.  Somehow, against all her best judgment, Ivy falls for one of her bachelors.
Owen Radcliff’s wasn’t looking for love- he was looking for revenge. Infiltrating the latest Australian reality tv show was his only way to do it. But when he saves the life of the show’s producer, Owen is suddenly torn between the vow of revenge for his sister and the need to protect Ivy- even from himself.

11 thoughts on “Theory on Thursday with Kerri Williams

  1. oh good point!!! I LOVE my monthly fix of HT – and volunteering is a great way to give a little back to such a great organization =)))
    The book looks great btw – great concept =)

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