My First Ever Book Signing…

Apologies for all the firsts on this blog lately, there might be a few more before I’m done.

Today, I went to Books Plus in Armadale Shopping Centre to sign (and sell) copies of JILTED (which doesn’t officially release until June 1st)! My lovely friend Lyn, who I met through our supermarket (she was one of the fabulous staff we inherited from the old owner) made the two hour trip with me and helped carry my banner, etc which we didn’t even use in the end.

After all the stressing I did about what to sign in books – I wanted to write a message in each one – I think I did okay in that department. I even wrote a VERY short story for my friend Aley, who requested I did so on Facebook.

When I left home this morning, I told my husband that I’d be happy if I sold two books to people I didn’t know, because I KNEW I had friends rocking up to support me. Well, I didn’t end up selling any books to people I didn’t know but I think the bookshop was quite happy about the turn out. My renta-crowd was FABULOUS! And you know what? It didn’t matter that no strangers bought my books (although I did give out a few bookmarks) because having the support and excitement of those nearest and dearest to you absolutely ROCKS!!!! I just wish I could have spoken to them all longer –ย especiallyย the couple of people I hadn’t seen in YEARS! (waving to Michelle and Melita)

AND, then I got home and checked my Facebook page and had my first ever reader comment. It was LOVELY. I’m going to bed tired but glowing!

Now for some photos…

Me sitting at the lovely decorated table waiting for the hoards!!!

The folks at Books Plus had these two GORGEOUS dogs on the table beside me. I had to seriously resist buying them both.

Me and one of my oldest, bestest friends Holly! She is so sweet, this is the second copy of Jilted she’s bought!!!


16 thoughts on “My First Ever Book Signing…

  1. Rach, coming in late this week, so congrats on your other first, your interview… can’t wait to see the photo.

    And a second congrats on your first ever book signing ๐Ÿ™‚ It must have been so exciting to have been on the other side of the table!

  2. I’m late but I’m loving the pics, Rach. You are SUCH a star! I am going to go into the bookshops this week and see if I can see Jilted on the shelves in Auckland! And I’m going to take pics!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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