JILTED on Harlequin TV

Forgive me if you’ve already seen this video through my Tweets or on Facebook, but my fabulous publishers Harlequin Australia have featured JILTED on this month’s Harlequin TV. They say some absolutely fabulous things and even talk about who might play the character of Flynn Quartermaine in the movie. Haha!! A girl can dream, right?

Check out the video here and then if you’ve already read JILTED, please tell me who YOU think should play Ellie and Flynn should there ever be a movie 🙂

AND fab blogger RLA Everyday The Same asked me today if she could buy JILTED outside Australia and NZ. I didn’t think so, unless you ordered from an Aussie site and paid the postage, but she discovered that you can buy the ebook through Harlequin Australia. So if you’re one of the fabulously supportive overseas readers, you can buy Jilted here!


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