Stressing and Strange Things

So, I have one and a half kids sick at the moment (the first throat and gastro and the second a bit of a cough), and last night I was putting clean sheets on the first one’s bed when I glanced at the shelf in their room and saw this random cat (kitten really) sitting there looking at me. It meowed at me and for a second I was seriously confused because it was almost identical to our cat except smaller. Anyway, when I realised it wasn’t our cat, Simba, I called (quietly) to my hubby and I tried to stroke the cat.

Now, despite this cat talking to me, it was not at all  happy when I tried to touch it. It jumped up, claws out, fur stood on edge and tore out the room, skidding through legs of two naked children just out the bath, through the house and out our cat door, where our dog just happened to be sitting on the other side. Our dog is what you’d call quite large – he’s a gorgeous Old English Sheepdog and he totally freaked at this psycho ball of fluff jumping over him. It was quite a sight to watch!

It might have been one of those had to be there moments but it was seriously funny. My two youngest and I had been in the house ALL day and hadn’t noticed this cat venture in. Who knows if we’ll see it again.

So that was the strange.

The stressing is more writing related. I have a book tour your this weekend (visiting three country towns), which I’m REALLY looking forward too, and I’m SO scared I’m gonna catch one of the lurgys going around and be unable to go. So please, cross all your fingers and toes for me.

So far I’ve only done a couple of book talks/signings but they were an absolute blast. I’ve LOVED talking to readers who seem almost as excited by my book as I am. Same goes for the  emails and messages on my Facebook page, which I’ve been getting. These are the absolute best and make all the stresses while I’m writing a book and wondering if it’s going to all come together right worth it. So THANK YOU to everyone who has so far taken the time to write a review or send me a message of THANKS! You ROCK!!!


6 thoughts on “Stressing and Strange Things

  1. I so hope you dont get sick before your wonderful book tour!!!

    Unfortunately, we’ve got gastro going around the D household 😦 Master 4 came home with it from kinder and then Master 7 and I got it 😦 Fingers crossed Mr D doesnt get it.

    Have a good week and I’m sending you positive vibes you stay healthy 🙂

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