What Makes a Cover? (cover chat part two)

Last week I promised a second blog post about my part in the cover-design process for my Carina Press novels, but first I just want to say THANK YOU to all the people who listened to me talk JILTED this weekend and especially those who were kind enough to buy a copy 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading about Flynn and Ellie’s dramas in Hope Junction!

Thanks to Raelene at Brookton Library, Lorreen at Kojonup Library and Deborah from Dymocks Albany for having me in your libraries/shop and to all the people who came – new friends and old! It was so much fun sharing my journey and talking to friends and readers. Can’t wait to do it again with the next book!

Now for the COVER stuff.

As I mentioned before, as an author, I have precious little to do with the design of my covers. Not sure if this changes if I become massively successful (hey, I can dream?) but I’m not sure I’d want it to. So far my two publishers have done a splendid job with my covers! But for my Carina novels, I’m asked to fill in a cover sheet.

Last week, I did this for STAND-IN STAR, which will be released on New Years’ Day next year.

I’m asked to comment on my characters. And can offer images if I like. Here’s what I had to say about Holly and Nate:


Titian coloured hair, lilac  eyes, curvaceous figure. Feisty, but not very self-confident, doesn’t feel she’s attractive.


I have a GORGEOUS picture of him, shirtless and lying on his stomach in BED mind you with a glass of red, but unfortunately I don’t know where I got it and the computer won’t let me copy and paste or save from my word doc. I’m VERY sad, cos you all deserve to see how GORGEOUS he is.

But this is what I said about him – Tall, tanned, muscular, with dark curly hair. A bad boy with a past he’s not proud of.

Then, I had to include any visual elements (objects or places) that have significance in the book. I said Nate’s camera, which is HUGELY important to him and plays a significant part in bringing him and Holly together.

Next I had to write a short synopsis – one to two paragraphs. EEK. Here’s what I came up with:

When Aussie cultural anthropologist goes to Hollywood to accept the posthumus Academy Award of her estranged sister Daisy, she’s ill-prepared for the attention of the paparazzi, never mind one particularly appealing ex-papparazzo who just happens to be her sister’s best friend. When Nate Devlin rescues her from a scrape with the media, twice, and offers her his place as a safe house, she doesn’t want to accept but doesn’t feel she has any other choice.

 Determined to keep out of each other’s way, Holly and Nate soon find this is impossible. Not only is tension high due to their differing feelings for Daisy, but both are forced to face the strong, crazy attraction between them. When they finally embark on a steamy night together, neither are expecting the emotions that unravel between them. What was meant to be a quick fling, might just become the passion of a lifetime. 

It’s a bit wordy- writing blurbs is not my thing – but hopefully it’ll give the team at Carina something to work with.

The final request was an elevator pitch. Here’s mine for STAND-IN STAR:

Stand-in Star is a fish out of water story about Holly McCartney who goes to Hollywood to collect her estraged sister’s posthumus Academy Award. The last thing she expects to do is fall in love with her sister’s bad boy friend, ex-papparazzo Nate Devlin. But fall she does into a world of hot sex and scary emotions.

All these questions, including a few simple ones about story setting and tone were asked of me so that the cover design team can come up with a fitting and marketable cover for my book. I think it’ll be a few months before I see that cover but I’m sure it’ll be fab and I can’t wait to share it with you.


3 thoughts on “What Makes a Cover? (cover chat part two)

  1. What do you mean ‘when’ you become massively successful. You ARE massively successful already m’dear. 🙂 Oh and I love those synopsis/pitches. Can’t wait to see the cover cos this is an AWESOME book!!

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