Man Drought!

Have been sitting on some HUGELY exciting news for a couple of months and I can finally jump up and down and share it with you.

I’ve scored a two-book contract with my fabulous publisher Harlequin Australia. The first in this contract is MAN DROUGHT (which many of you will have heard about before on Twitter, Facebook, here, etc while I was writing it) and the second is still being written. I’m currently doing edits on MAN DROUGHT and cannot WAIT to share it with you all in JANUARY 2013!!!!

MAN DROUGHT is my second rural romance and it features Imogen Bates, a widow who moves to the country and buys a fairly rough run-down pub in a town that is VERY lacking in women. In fact the population of Gibson’s Find is 90% male!! All of whom are hard-working country boys with lovelyย chiseledย bodies to boot. Who wants to move there?

The hero, farmer Gibson Black, is divorced and rather bitter where the female species are concerned. He HATES that Imogen gets under his skin and has him thinking thoughts he’d thought well and truly drowned. Of course sparks fly.

You’ll also meet Imogen’s gorgeous best friends and aside from Gibson, there are quite a few other eligible men in town to swoon over. This book was a lot of fun to write and there’s some laugh out loud moments (well, I hope you’ll laugh) as well as some lovely and tender ones.

Not too long till January, but until then, I’ll keep you up to date with blurbs, covers, etc as they come to hand!

Now I better get back to my edits ๐Ÿ™‚


32 thoughts on “Man Drought!

  1. Congrats Rach!!!! Such fantastic news!
    MD is such a brilliant read and I can’t wait to read the ending ๐Ÿ™‚
    So proud of you x
    PS – so did Harlequin accept MD as the title? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How wonderful that Australian writers are coming out of the wood work and gaining public attention. Good on you Rachael

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