The Things We Do For Love…

This is my gorgeous Old English Sheepdog, Rodger! Well, PC Rowan is actually his pedigree name but as he hasn’t been shown for donkey’s years, we’ve done away with that formality.

Rodg reminds my hubby and I a lot of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. He’s so loyal and lovable but the poor old thing always looks sad lately. I.e. He’ll be in my way in the kitchen and I’ll say, ”Rodg, what are you doing inside?”  And he’ll turn tail (well, so to speak cos he doesn’t actually HAVE a tail) and head for the door outside, head hung low like Eeyore.

He’s such a right pain in the ass half the time – he’ll jump on the couch at night and scatter all the cushions, he’ll sleep on the bed (not allowed, have you seen how big he is? All 55 kilograms of him) when we’re not there, and sometimes at night he gets into the kitchen bin and scatters the contents all over the floor. The latter usually happens the day I’ve finally mopped.

But saying all this, he’s part of our family and he means the world to us. So yesterday when we saw him limping badly, we were worried. We took a look at his big paw and he flinched at being touched when usually he just laps up any attention. Today, we took him to the vet. They weren’t sure what was wrong but guessed something had been embedded in his skin and needed to be removed. He went under the knife.

A few hours later (and almost a thousand dollars) and it turns out a nail had punctured his paw and gone right through. We’re having roof renos done in the house and shop at the moment, so this sadly, makes sense. Vet bills are not cheap but in the end, I’d do it all again tomorrow.

Rodger, like all our pets, is a very special member of our family. xox


16 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Love…

  1. Poor little darling. A nail… that would have been so painful. I know what it’s like when we get a splitter at the end of fingers or toes. Ouch. He must have had so much pain. I also agree. We do anything for love. 🙂

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