Goodbye Gran…

The last few weeks have been emotionally stressful and sad for me. My dear Gran, who I lived with (with my Mum too) from when I was two years old to when I got married, died last Monday evening. She was 93 and had been ill for a very long time so in some ways it was a blessing to finally know she is in peace. But she was a HUGE part of my life and will be missed always. Below is a peace I read out at her funeral on Friday:



When I think of you Gran, I think of Ponds hand cream and LouLou perfume. I think of your cold, incredibly soft hands and the beautiful embroidery you did. You always told me, cold hands meant a warm heart. You got that one right, Gran.

When I think of you, I think of your famous rice cake and gingerbread slathered with butter. I think of how you were always busy, looking after everyone else, ironing things that didn’t need ironing. That’s one thing we don’t have in common.

When I think of you, I think of your impeccable taste in fashion. You never wanted those old lady clothes – you liked bright pinks and other feminine things.

I think of silly things too… like how you could never get used to be a budgie called Tiger and insisted on calling him Billy.

I think of your patience… in cooking with me, teaching me to cross stitch and simply looking after me when I was sick or sad.

Gran you went beyond the call of duty to me as a grandmother – you drove morning and afternoon taking me to school, you persevered with swimming lessons and getting me in the bath when I wanted neither. You’ve been there for every special moment in my life. Once you mentioned that you worried that being around me so much meant you couldn’t be a proper grandma – spoiling me and such – but Gran, you were more than any grandma could ever be.

It means so much to me that you met my three beautiful boys and lived long enough to see me realize my dream of being a published author. I will always hold near to me the last words you ever said clearly to me – that you always knew I’d do it.

Gran – you were my world and always will be. I’ll miss you forever!


29 thoughts on “Goodbye Gran…

  1. What a lovely speech, Rachel. Your Gran was clearly a great lady, and how special that you got to have such a close and wonderful relationship with her. Hugs to you at your sad time, but as many above have said, you will never forget her, which means she will always be alive in your heart.

  2. Hi Rach!
    Big hugs to you, and here’s a big box of aloe vera tissues. I had to get some myself for your post (but looks like so did many others).

    Your love for your Gran shines through. I’m glad she got to see so many achievements in your life. I hope the lovely memories you have will give you comfort.

    Take care,
    Love Cath xo

  3. *Sniff* my eyes are blury I can’t see. I had the same feeling Rachael when my grandmother departed. Sorry for your loss. Hold onto those memories, oh, and those scents. They will be with you forever.

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