The Sunshine Award

The lovely Margaret Lynette Sharp has nominated little old me for a Sunshine Award.

But : there are conditions.

Firstly, I have to reveal some previously secret information.

Here goes.

1. What is your favourite Christmas/festive movie?

Love Actually, without a doubt. I could watch that movie a zillion times and never tire of the beautifully romantic story lines. My fave is the guy that’s in love with his best friend’s wife. Ahhh.

2. What is your favourite flower?

Gerberas – bright pink ones if I can be extra picky!

3. What is your favourite non-alcoholic beverage?

I don’t think this is a previously unknown thing about me – DIET COKE of course folks 🙂

4. What is my favourite passion?

Travel and reading, and I don’t get to do nearly enough of either of them!

5. What is your favourite time of year?

Spring – I love it when it’s bright and sunny but not ridiculously hot!

6. What is your favourite time of day?

Bedtime, when I can curl up with a book and my electric blanket 🙂

7. What is your favourite physical activity?

Aerobics! I actually really love it!

8. What is your favourite vacation?

One of my favourite holiday spots on earth is Queenstown in NZ. Luckily my aunty and uncle have a holiday house there. Unfortunately that doesn’t meant I go there nearly as much as I’d like to.

Now for the next bit.

Nominating people – I’m tired and sick so will probably miss a zillion people, I’d like to nominate and I’m going to be slack and not actually link to people’s blogs. If you accept the challenge, feel free to put your blog in the comments section of this one 🙂

So without further ado, I nominate:

  • Becca J Heath
  • Joanne Dannon
  • Cathryn Hein
  • Jackie Ashenden
  • Maisey Yates
  • Autumn Macarthur
  • Scarlet Wilson
  • Leah Ashton
  • Robyn Thomas
  • Fiona Lowe
  • Fiona Palmer
  • Juliet Madison
  • Jen Tucker
  • Nicole Flockton

They all bring sunshine to my life on a daily basis!


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