Avon Valley Writers Festival and other fun stuff!

And the busy-ness that is my life continues. Last week we had school sport’s carnivals, 100 year celebrations and the circus coming to our home town of Goomalling. We’d actually already seen this particular circus but of course you can’t not go when it’s practically on your doorstep. It was lots of fun though and I think even better than the first time we saw it. Below is a pic of my boys waiting to go into The Big Top:

Then on Saturday night, I had the great pleasure of attending the dinner for the first ever Avon Valley Writer’s festival. I sat at the table with some lovely writers, including Janette Smith (who writes children’s books and is a fab writer) and Rob Kaay, an indie author of sci-fi fiction. Bought both his books for my hubby after hearing his inspirational talk on Sunday about why he could to self-publish his books and the process of how he actually does it. Was also lovely to catch up with Frances Macauley Forde, who writes screen-plays, poetry and children’s books. Unfortunately I missed her talk as it was on the Saturday!

On Sunday I presented a workshop: Plotting Romance Via Characters, in which I talked about the fact I don’t really plot my novels but rather think of a premise and two characters and go from there. I used much that I’d learnt from my good friend Fiona Loweย as I presented to the group the things I think made the difference for me between wanting to be published and finally getting there. The key components of that talk were truly getting to know your characters before your start – most importantly knowing what their self-belief is and how it will colour their every action and every thought.

I came home too tired to write, but have kicked off the writing week with over three thousand words added to Outback Dreams today. In many ways this story has been a breeze to write (touch wood), however because it is linked to two more books, I’m having to think carefully about how I portray and what I give away of the secondary characters that will be stars of the subsequent books. It’s lots of fun really.

With only four days left till school holidays, I’m hoping for a very productive week. Would love to finish this book by the end of October, but might be pushing things slightly! Until next time folks… xo


8 thoughts on “Avon Valley Writers Festival and other fun stuff!

  1. Circus! It’s years since I saw a circus tent, they seem to have vanished in the UK these days. Now, head down and keep writing Outback Dreams I want to read it!

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a fabulous few days. I bet the boys had a ball at the circus!

    How exciting to attend a writers’ dinner – sounds great.

    Love the sound of your talk. I def agree that once you know your characters (really, really well) everything flows from there. Well done! I bet the attendees really enjoyed meeting you and learning more about the road to publication!

    We’re already on school holidays and it’s might busy! Enjoy those 4 days and happy writing ๐Ÿ™‚

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