What do you like in your newsletters?

It’s Friday folks! Although I don’t know why I’M so excited about this fact as weekends mean no school and often children bickering and THIS weekend happens to be the beginning of TWO weeks school holidays.

Oh dear… it’s FRIDAY!

I’ll put that out of my mind for a moment and chat to you about the topic that’s been occupying a fair bit of my mind lately. I love getting newsletters from my favourite author and so decided this was something I wanted to start doing myself. I’ve (or rather my lovely website designer Paula Roe) has added a newsletter sign-up to my home page where you can register to receive my news. If you sign up before October 20th, you go in the draw to win a PRINT copy of my debut book ONE PERFECT NIGHT (not available to buy in print). I was so excited when I received these surprise books and can’t wait to share them with four lucky people.

Have you signed up yet?

Anyway, as I now have a list, I’m contemplating what type of things I want to include in my newsletter. And I’d like to open this discussion up to you – my readers – as well.

What sort of things do you like reading in author’s newsletters? More specifically, is there anything special you’d like me to include in mine?

Would love your thoughts and please don’t forget to enter the contest – sign-up form is at the bottom of the home page on my website.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



11 thoughts on “What do you like in your newsletters?

  1. I love to get a glimpse of the real life of an author – not in a creepy stalkerish way though!!! I would love to see your writing area. Do you have a desk? Do you have a special spot or do you just write anywhere anytime? How do you motivate yourself? Do you get 1000 interruptions when you sit down to write? (oh wait – that’s me – bloody kids!!!) How on earth do you delete 2500 words and how do you keep going? I have more but I’ll save them for the next newsletter!!!!

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