Stepping outside your comfort zone!

I should probably set up this post with a little bit of background about myself.

I was NEVER good at team sports. I am SCARED of balls being hurtled at me. I dabbled with tennis for about a term when I was seven, played netball (unhappily) for one season when I was twelve and ended up breaking up with my high school sweetheart, cos I was too pathetic to play basketball with him! Fast forward almost ten years and we were living in Kojonup, a small town in the Great Southern of Western Australia. As with most country towns this was a sporty place. Many of the friends I made played tennis and hockey, but I was always too chicken to give it a shot.

I was scared that all my years of NOT playing would show and I’d be totally dismal. So I avoided the sporting circuit. However, it is a fact of life in country towns that to get involved in the community, it helps to get involved in sport. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not too unfit – I love running (or attempting too) and going to the gym and aerobics – but team sport gives me the heebie jeebies.

When we moved to Goomalling some of the lovely ladies of social tennis asked me and the family along. I made some pathetic excuses and told them how dismal I was at tennis. I admit I was a bit shy as well as scared of sport – it’s always daunting to start something new in a group of people who have known each other for year. So imagine my surprise when this week I agreed to go along to social tennis.

Poor hubby and the heroes-in-training had no choice but to accompany and we all went along on Sunday arvo, petrified that we would be the laughing stock of town. Well, we may well be, but the bottom line is we DID it (badly maybe) and we had FUN!! So much fun that we actually WANT to go back – hopefully the town will have us – and today I bought us all tennis racquets! Of course I got a nice pink one and I happened to splurge on some gorgeous pink running shoes as well.

So, what have you don’t out of your comfort zone lately?


10 thoughts on “Stepping outside your comfort zone!

  1. This sounds great! I’m exactly as athletic as you were and even at walking, I’m always the slowest boat in the race, but it’s fun to do it. Good luck, and I love those shoes!

  2. Rarely do anything sporty, but did take my kids to the tennis court twice last year and attempted to hit a ball. Does that count? Love those shoes x

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