There might be no sweeter words for a writer than THE END. I don’t actually type them anymore because my eds always delete them but today I typed the last word in the first draft of OUTBACK DREAMS. The hard work is really only just beginning because to make this book really shine, it’ll require another few rounds of attention, but getting the bare bones down on paper feels AMAZINGLY good.

I have sent it off to my beta readers and will put it to the back of my mind for a week or so while I await feedback.

The future is full of possibilities! I want to write a Christmas novella by March, so plan to do lots of reading of Christmas books over the next few weeks and hope what is currently only a tiny idea in my mind will grow into something big and fabulous! I also want to write the outline (loose because I’m not a massive plotter) for my next book in the Outback series – this follows on from OUTBACK DREAMS and is currently titled OUTBACK BLAZE. I’m looking forward to giving a couple of characters from DREAMS their own HEA in BLAZE!

In addition to the above fun, there are many blogs to write for my two releases in January and I also have a talk with Fiona Palmer coming up and much Christmas shopping to do.

Life is busy… but that’s the way I like it šŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “THE END!

      • Oh of course!!! Thanks and congrats again by the way. I’m doing the NaNoWriMo and completed my first target today and I completely had my heroine flip her sh*t at the hero – so now have to get her to see that he is not such a tosser!! Fun fun fun.

      • Ooh sounds like fun. Good luck. I must admit to harbouring thoughts when I typed the end today about diving straight into my novella for NaNo, but I think I need a bit of a break!

  1. Hope you enjoyed some celebratory champagne, Rach. Finishing a book deserves bubbles and chocolate and back and foot rubs and lots of other lovely things because, as every author knows, it’s bloody hard work!

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