Why My Husband Thinks I Love Our Cat More Than HIM!

I am a cat LOVER from way back. I was one of those girls who had cat pictures all over my bedroom and friends always gave me cat calendars and cards at Christmas. I don’t think there’s been more than a couple of months (maybe even only weeks) in my life where I haven’t had at least one cat companion.

My hubby knew my love of animals (particularly) cats when he met me. He too adores animals. However, the month before our wedding he got tested to see if he had allergies that were the cause of a life long skin condition. Many people told him it was all the milk he drunk – he LOVES his Coffee Chill – so he wanted this proved wrong. Turns out he’s allergic to dust (and ended up marrying an undomestic goddess), grass and animal fur. When he told me, I looked at him and said, well, nice knowing you! Since then he’s known his place and been SUCH a hero about putting up with animal fur in his life.

So much so that our current cat (SIMBA) spends most of his day sleeping on our bed, frequently on hubby’s side. But I guess he loves us both enough to put up with it.

In my defence I DO try to keep the cat to at least my side of the bed and I wash and change the sheets frequently. See I’m not totally horrible!! And I KNOW that doona cover and pillowcases are GHASTLY but do you know how hard it is to find something that both men AND women will like atm? I bought them from Ikea a while back and in the end, I thought it safer to go with something we BOTH didn’t like – LOL!!


13 thoughts on “Why My Husband Thinks I Love Our Cat More Than HIM!

  1. I am actually a little allergic to cats too, but not enough to keep me from having 2 rotten cats. Has your hubby ever considered allergy shots? They can really help. I am very allergic to horses (and live in Kentucky) so I took shots for a while and they really helped. I need to go back on them, because now I live out in the country and have a lot of Amish neighbors so horses are constantly going up & down my road (so I try to stay in as much as possible).

  2. Naughty, naughty Rach. I have the same allergies your husband has and within two minutes of being in a cat owners house I am a streaming, sneezing mess. Feel for your hubby!

  3. i’m like you rachael – always loved cats from when i was a little girl, unfortuantly i haven’t had one for about 10 years now because of moving and my sister being alergic (we only realised after we didn’t have a cat for a while) but i really want another one. My favourite one was lovely and she always knew when you needed company. (you know your hubby can get allergy desensitisation shots)

    • Oh I hope you get to have a cat again soon Bec. They are such good company. Mine gives me such beautiful snuggles (in bed) every morning!! Thanks re the shots. We’ll definitely have to look into those!

  4. And you know cats can tell when someone is allergic to them – they seem to have an instinct so they know exactly who to rub up against (and in your cat’s case, whose side of the bed to sleep on!)

  5. Ha, love your cat!! GW is allergic to cats and I’ve always been more of a dog person but we have the same issue with our hound.

    Zeus is allowed on the bed when I’m on an overnight. Consequently when I come home there’s something of a demarcation dispute over who really belongs in the bed… I can’t say I realised GW was such a softy when I married him…

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