Dear Santa…

Or rather Dear Hubby! Mine HATES buying pressies (especially jewellery) cos he’s scared he’ll buy the wrong thing and has asked that this year I write a list of FIFTY things, so he can choose a couple and it’ll still sorta be a surprise.

Well, I need help. I have pretty much everything I need/want. So far I have eight items – in no particular order. Am open to suggestions to fill the remaining 42 spots!!!

  1. Soda Stream
  2. iPad Mini
  3. Lorna Jane vouchers
  4. Any jewellery from Pandora
  5. Theatre tickets
  6. Sunny Cowgirl CD
  7. Phone holder for running
  8. Pig/Cow/Sheep from World Vision

PLEASE HELP!!! What do YOU want for Christmas?


11 thoughts on “Dear Santa…

  1. Right now, all I want is a new computer with a GIGANTIC screen to replace my dead laptop.

    I was going to suggest a year’s supply of Diet Coke but I think you already have access to that!

    Otherwise, an iPad mini sounds the goods.

  2. Hmmm,

    I’d like an Amazon Kindle and for my favorite Australian & Kiwi authors to get publishing deals in the US so I don’t have to go on searches to find/buy their books. 🙂

  3. A windmill? I have been asking for one of them for years – hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps ask for some vouchers that you can cash in to your husband so that he takes the kids away so that you can have writing time. A housekeeper? A pool guy? A night (or two) in the city for you and him(hubby that is – not the pool guy!). Tickets to a show. A trip to Melbourne so you can talk at our local library. A cowboy? Chocolate and Diet Coke?
    All of the above may or may not be tongue in cheek suggestions – I’ll let you decide which ones fit the bill!

    • Ditto to above sorry for replying late – life’s been crazy!! Haha on the windmill – funny thing is hubby did give me one of those when we first got married. I would LOVE a housekeeper too. You have some FAB suggestions 🙂

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