Books I’ve read (lately)!

Well, when I wrote the first Books I’ve Read post almost a month ago, I planned on it being a weekly thing and I still do, but with the end of school holidays and a few other things going on, I fell behind. Therefore this post is a recap of the other books I read in January (well, the ones that aren’t top secret).

And there lies the reason this post is going to be short. For the first time ever I entered the Romance Writers of America RITA Award with my rural romance book JILTED. In order to enter this esteemed contest, you must agree to judge books that are in categories not your own. You must read these books, rate them and then send your scores back but are not allowed to tell ANYONE what books you got. Therefore I read six books in January that I cannot tell you about.

I will say that four of mine were category romances and I hadn’t read a Mills & Boon category romance for quite some time. I had a mostly great selection, which reminded me why I strove to write these books for so long. As a result, I’ve decided to make sure some category romance books make it into my reading list this year.

So… with six books unspeakable, I’m left with one!

And that book is LEAH ASHTON’S A Girl Less Ordinary. I loved everything from the title to the two quirky characters – reformed geeks, who I have to say as one of my favourite type of characters. The interesting thing about Leah’s book was it wasn’t the usual geek guy/girl has crush on popular kid in highschool, makes good and then meets again and the popular person falls for the new ‘them’. Hero and heroine in this story were both the school outcasts and therefore it’s also a bestfriends to lovers story (another one of my faves), in which they meet again and reconnect on so many levels. Another great book from New Voices winner Leah Ashton.

Currently reading – Queen of the Road by Tricia Stringer and Fast Forward by Juliet Madison. Will report back on them next week!

So, what are you reading right now!?

PS. Does anyone know how to save pics from a website on a Mac? Once I learn how to do this, these book posts will be prettier I promise 🙂

14 thoughts on “Books I’ve read (lately)!

  1. I’m just impressed you managed to get through so many books in january even if you can’t say what they were! Don’t use Macs – although i have with ipads not sure if that’s the same you just click on the picture and save it but not really sure how to do more than that sorry

  2. I use printkey 2000 (free program – just google it and download) There should be a version for Mac online. I use it to take a shot of the pic I want (it has a crop feature amongst many others) and save it in whatever format I choose or print it.
    As for reading I’m up to 72 novels, novellas and shorts since just before Christmas – I feel bad about it – well not really because I’m still writing down story ideas and reworking my SF novel.

  3. You don’t have to download any special program. Macs have a built in screenshot tool. Press Command-Shift-4, this will give you a cross hair to select what you want to copy, once you release the mouse over the area, it copies a PNG(web file) to the desktop. Another option is to press Command-Shift-4 and the hit the space bar, which works like a camera, capturing your entire screen, whatever you see on your screen, is what the pic will be of.

    I’m hosting a blog focused on romance writing as well, and coming from a Mac/Art school background, I have fun utilizing all these little tools that PC people don’t have built in. ❤ my Mac.

    Following you and looking forward to future posts!

  4. I’m reading the proof copy of my seventh book. 🙂 It’s entitled: ‘Encore’.
    After that, I’m going to read the book I won on the Australia Day Blog Hop: ‘They’re a Weird Mob.’ 🙂 Looking forward to it!

  5. So glad you liked my book, Rach! It did start off as a geek/popular guy idea, but then I realised that I much preferred the idea of writing about two geeks 🙂 Probably because I like to believe that all unpopular kids turn out super awesome (says the unpopular kid 🙂 ).

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