My Secret Life with Margaret Lynette Sharp

Today I have a lovely lady I met through Twitter and my blog, talking about what she does when she’s not writing – short story writer Margaret Lynette Sharp! I have not managed to master the art of writing short and I have a lot of respect for those who have, so welcome Margaret.



Anyone who has skimmed through my blog will have more than an inkling of my ‘secret life’. Who can resist the burning temptation of writing about such things?

Many things I love: ranging from those at home, such as my hubby Ron, our young white Maltese cross, Chicki Rose, and our two blue budgies (Albert and Victoria), to activities such as swimming, dancing, playing the piano and accordion, painting in watercolour, and photography. Does this make me a dilettante? Who knows? I enjoy creating, and I enjoy beauty in its many forms.

I could talk at length about each of these, but now is not the time. For today, I’ve chosen a couple of my pet topics.

A Turning Point.

The wedding of my niece Kathy marked a turning point in more lives than hers and her partner’s, for it unstintingly helped to trigger two big changes in my life, too.

Firstly, it egged me on to start writing. Suddenly, I had realized with breathtaking: clarity: that life moves on.

Secondly, it introduced me to modern dancing: something I had never attempted, despite reaching middle age. In the beginning, I was more than reluctant to try: and horribly self-aware. But nowadays, as readers of my blog may know, Ron and I are regulars, and love dancing to the awesome band tunes of the 60’s to 80’s.

There’s a moral, here: you never know what you’re missing!

The Arrival of Chicki.


Those of you who have lost a beloved pet will know the heartbreak. Our sixteen year old Maltese, Trixie, had left us. Six weeks later, the void was just as deep.

Our vet, Ben, had schooled us on the virtues of choosing a rescue dog, and so the hunt began.

I spotted Chicki (under a different name) on the web-page of a fairly close RSPCA  animal shelter. She was thirteen months old, and had been there for weeks. I first saw her image on a Wednesday, but several days slipped by before we made the call. Yes, she was still available: yes, we could see her: no, they couldn’t put a hold on her. The latter piece of information gave us mounting cause for anxiety as we made that fateful half-hour drive. But, YES, she was still there: rather shy, very pretty, and like so many, in need. And we could adopt her! Our decision was made.

On the drive home, she showed such an intelligent interest in her surroundings: a characteristic that Ron found particularly endearing. We had, he believed, chosen well.

Ben had been right: he said that rescue dogs ‘know’. The degree of devotion she shows to us every day bears this out.

So, there you have it: a snippet of my ‘secret life’.

Most of my Short Story collections contain at least one or two stories that involve animals: and of these, it’s often the ownership of a dog that brings folks together who ultimately fell in love. Is it kindred spirits?

 Thanks for sharing that Margaret! There are a LOT of animal lovers amongst us I know 🙂 In fact pets seem to be a bit of a secret life theme around here!

Margaret can be found on Twitter, Goodreads and she also regularly updates her blog.

Margaret’s latest short story collection is Encore: In common with Margaret’s previous works, ‘Encore‘ contains a selection of mainly romantic tales, overwhelmingly positive in theme. The author’s favourites include ‘At Sixteen: Annie’s Story’,’To the Beautiful Brigitte’, and ‘The Locket’. Comprising twenty-five stories, this is a highly readable, attractively presented volume. 

Encore is available on Amazon and at other stores if requested. As a special treat one of Margaret’s other collections – A Taste of Life and Love in Australia is currently discounted on Amazon for Kindle at only 99c.

7 thoughts on “My Secret Life with Margaret Lynette Sharp

  1. Wonderful post, and an especially adorable photo of Chicki. As a longtime reader of Margaret’s work, let me hasten to commend “A Taste of Life and Love,” available just briefly for 99¢, to the attention of short story enthusiasts!

  2. Terrific post Margaret…I particularly like the names of your budgies..I laughed out loud, and when I told my husband their names, he did too! Such “royalty”!!!

    I recently read “Encore”, Margaret’s latest book, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend all of Margaret’s work, as even though I have only read two so far, I will be reading more. She is one very talented lady 🙂

  3. Chicki looks absolutely adorable. I understand the loss though. I have a ten year old Springer Spaniel and I can’t imagine our home and life without her in it. I’m glad you found Chicki, as I’m sure she is!

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