My Secret Life with Maggie Mundy

As I introduce today’s lovely guest the gorgeous Maggie Mundy, I too have a confession to make – I want to do what she’s doing! And I’m not talking about writing speculative fiction (I admire those who do but I’ll stick to my contemporary romance thank you very much)! Anyway, please give a warm welcome to Maggie and her secret life outside of writing…


Rejections are like falling off your motorbike

I wasn’t one of those people who thought they would always write a novel, and equally I wasn’t someone who thought about being a bikie chick either.  My daughter had mentioned wanting to learn to ride and I said I would too. I didn’t think it would actually happen, after all you know what eighteen year olds are like. So when she said she was going to get her learners and you’re coming too mum, I didn’t have a leg to stand on. All I had ever done in the past was ride a moped back in the UK and been pillion on my husband’s bike so this was a huge step for me.

So I turn up at the learner’s course and don’t do too bad until the test where I freeze. Maybe the thought of having a licence that says I can go on the road was freaking me out. Second attempt and I thought I was doing okay until the test day when I had an instructor who was a male chauvinist pig to say the least. So I was not surprised when he didn’t pass me. Third time same guy failed me again. I was in tears and decided I would never do it again, and why was I putting myself through this.

Unbeknownst to me my husband and friend phoned up and complained about the instructor (they were not the first complaint about him) and I was given another chance. I passed with flying colours without Mr Grumpy around.

Over the next two years I practiced and decided to go for my full test. In the meantime the test centre had moved to the other side of town and I had to ride through a thunderstorm in during peak hour traffic and unfortunately didn’t pass.

I had another month before I could retake my test and there was a motorbike club get together in Mildura so I decided to ride the 400km. My husband and friends were saying are you sure you can do it, but I had to prove to myself that I was serious about wanting this. Now I’m not usually fearless and on the freeway I would get freaked out by the big trucks passing and the wind gusts blowing me around. My solution was to sing Akuna Mutate very loudly. It worked even if I probably looked demented.

Eventually did my test and past. That was last year and now I look back and have to say the experience taught me something about myself. When you fall off or get a rejection you should get back up and keep writing or get back on the bike no matter how bruised you are.

Be determined and persevere until you get there. I’m still not super brave but when I ride through a busy city now I break it up into small pieces so that I don’t get overwhelmed by what I am doing, and I can do the same with writing. Before I know it I’ve got there.

Years ago I did a fortune telling game and asked the question of whether I would get published. The answer that came back from the cards was to enjoy the journey. Now I do with the wind blowing in my hair.

As for my publication journey I have a novella called Blood Scent coming out with Rogue Phoenix Press in July and a book with Soul Mate Publishing called Hidden Mortality in 2014. I have been writing for ten years and have had more rejections than you could poke a stick at, but like with my bike I got up brushed myself off and tried again.

The top picture is me practising my tight u turns. It’s a killer at a slow pace but I mastered it eventually. The second picture was me riding in the Pink Ribbon Ride for breast cancer, hence the pink bras on our bikes. I am on the middle bike. Even my hubby put a bra on his big cruiser.

maggie bike


Thanks Maggie for that inspirational and encouraging story! And I’m sure we all can’t wait for your novella. In the meantime, you can checkout Maggie at her website and on Facebook and Twitter!! 

And I’d like to know – what thing have YOU done, where you’ve had to keep trying and trying again until you succeed?


11 thoughts on “My Secret Life with Maggie Mundy

  1. You’re an inspiration, Maggie. I mean, I’ve done it within the safe confines of my trusty Commodore, haven’t we all, but I’ve never been brave enough to try writing whilst riding a motor-cycle.
    I can only imagine the discipline required.

    All jesting aside, I’m looking forward to getting my mitts on (author signed) copies of “Blood Scent” and ” Hidden Mortality” in the coming months.

  2. Maggie, I admire your bravery and determination! I could never face traffic on a motor-bike!

    Rachael, I’m going back a long way, here, but learning to swim proper freestyle (with my face in the water) probably required the greatest persistence. Though now it’s second-nature, in the beginning it seemed top of the ‘too-hard basket’!

  3. Thanks Carla, My husband would rather I was a pillion still but once you can do it you don’t want to go back. I like reading but I love writing.Its the same.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading more about you Maggie. As for getting back on the bike. I ditched once big time. lol. But I got back on. A Virago was my baby. 🙂 A smaller version of a Harley. I just love them.
    Mopeds can be fun, though. 🙂

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