The Busy Writer’s Guide to Bake Sales

Last week, I had a MASSIVE deadline. In case you missed my stressing, I had to finish OUTBACK BLAZE (of which I’d had two months to write) and this just happened to coincide with the school cake stall!!! ARGH!!!! I could NOT waste the kidfree day I had the day before the cake stall to don an apron and go all Nigella Lawson!! I had a book to finish.

Of course, books or no books, I am first and foremost a mother and I take this job very seriously. As well as wiping snotty noses, almost killing myself on Lego in the middle of the night and listening to the most boring books in the world for reading homework every night, this means doing my bit for school fundraisers! So, I had to get over my stress and BAKE. But I wanted something easy. Stuff that would taste good, that I could cook a couple of days before and most importantly would be quick and easy.

ENTER fabulous 4 Ingredient Cooking! Has anyone got these recipe books? I don’t have yet but I liked these gorgeous ladies on FB a while back and have been being tantalised by delicious and easy recipes ever since.

I knew that these recipes would be my saviours and so I scrolled back through FB for one I’d already tried – Caramel cookies – and looked on their website for more (decided on Pineapple cake). A friend also mentioned a THREE ingredient (yes, you read that right) BROWNIE (that lasted up to three months)! I so had to try that. In the end, I made about four plates of biscuits, three plates of brownies and two cakes and here I am to share with you how. It took me just one morning and they all tasted fabulous.

Check out my Smartie cookies. These use the 4 Ingredients Caramel Cookie recipe, which I found on FB and I added my own flourish of three Smarties on top of each one! These went down a treat!


Because it was a CAKE stall, I thought I’d better make a couple of cakes and I found this Pineapple Cake on the 4 Ingredients website. I figured pineapple is moist, which meant the cakes should last a couple of days and it DID. I iced them both the night before with a simple cream cheese icing and they smelt so good, I am going to make one for myself tomorrow 🙂 Sorry – I didn’t take a photo of this, OR the Nutella Brownies, which you all must do yourselves a favour and make.

I’m not sure who to attribute this recipe too because there are a number of websites sharing it, but here’s what you’ll need:

*1 Cup Nutella
*2 Eggs
*10 Tablespoons all purpose flower

Basically mix all these babies together, chuck in a square brownie tin and bake to gooey perfection. About 180 degrees (celcius) for about half an hour. This recipe is SO delicious, I forgot to take a photo cos I was too busy trying to cut it and plate it without eating it. I might have to make another batch tomorrow!!!!

So folks… what’s your favourite easy recipe? Go on, please share!!


7 thoughts on “The Busy Writer’s Guide to Bake Sales

  1. Love this! I go out of my way to cook hard stuff so really enjoy how well I hear these 3/4 ingredient things turn out!

  2. Well done Rach!!! I’ve been using the 4 Ingredient cook book on and off although I do prefer to cook long hand (IYKWIM) when I have time 🙂

    I highly recommend the apple slice which is in the 4 ingredients book that has sour cream. I was hesitant to use the recipe but after all the glowing online reviews I tried it. It’s brilliant!!!!! It’s super easy and delish. I sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on top before baking which makes it even more yummy!

    Also the custard slice using the lattice biscuits is also a winner 🙂

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