You should all fire me, you know!?

OMG, tomorrow is July 29th and the last time I wrote on this blog (a post written by ME that is, not a guest) it was June 29th! That is TERRIBLE! I am a total and utter blogger failure.

I wish I could tell you, I’ve been busy writing another book, but two weeks of that time was kids school holidays and I really did nothing much except tweak OUTBACK BLAZE (aka edit the damn thing – but it was so long-winded due to snatching moments of time between school holiday stuff, that it didn’t FEEL like I did much at all). Good news is that is now 6k words lighter than when I first subbed it – trust me, that is a good thing!

In the school holidays we:

  • Did a fair bit of bush-walking. The kids love it for some reason and it’s quality family time. On one trip to Clackline, which is about an hour and a bit east of Perth we walked to an old Clay Refractory and you cannot believe how mega cool the kids thought this was. Hubby and I were pretty surprised the public were allowed access, cos it looked like it could crumble at any moment, but the kids loved all the clay they found on the floor.




  • Watched two movies – Monsters University (Oh my, it’s a prequel, I just assumed it was a sequel) and Despicale Me 2. I must admit, I’m pretty fussy about kids movies. I don’t ADORE them all but these two were pretty cute. What’s not to love about minions!
  • Spent two days in Perth catching up with friends and cuddling one dear friends gorgeous new baby.
  • Discovered Skylanders!!!! Yes, I succumbed and bought my kids the Skylanders Starter pack for Wii!! I’m a bit of a nazi when it comes to TV and games but during the limited time they’re allowed to play my kids have found a new obsession. Especially His Lordship, who’s happy to read his new Skylanders book from the moment he gets up in the morning until he falls into bed at night.

Now school is back, the first edits of OUTBACK BLAZE have been subbed, and last week I started work on the third book in my BUNYIP BAY series (first will be OUTBACK DREAMS in Oct). Am really looking forward to writing this book. In fact, there’s a lot I’m looking forward to at the moment – the Romance Writers of Australia conf in August, a book out in October and Genre Con in October. Life is good in my little world.

Although the sore throat I’m starting to develop can take a hike!


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