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Hi Folks

Hope you’ve all had a splendity-splendid weekend. I took the kids to see ROOM ON THE BROOM (based on the book by the fabulous Julia Donaldson) at the theatre in Perth today – an exhausting but awesome day. Lots of ice-cream involved too. Whoops. I drove most of the way there and back but my mum took a little turn towards the end and I got to catch up with some reading on my iPhone!

This got me thinking that nowadays, with all the different reading options available to us, I usually have at least THREE books on the go.

I’m generally reading a print book and this sits by my bed – I’ll read it for half an hour or so (or as long as it takes me to fall asleep at night) and if I’m lucky maybe a few pages during the day. Currently my bed book is – The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert whatever-his-name-is! Hey, we all know he’s really J.K. Rowling!!

Then I’ll also have an audio book on the go. If I do any long drives on my own, then this book moves faster, otherwise I’ll listen whenever I go for a run/walk, which at the moment is sadly on average of about once a week. My current audio book is The Woman He Loved Before by Dorothy Koomson. I’ve read four of her books before and have absolutely LOVED them – this is not my fave, but maybe that’s cos I’m listening to it in snatches. Haven’t had a long trip on my own for a while 😦

And my third book is an e-book. I’ve got a Kindle and I also read on my iPad and iPhone – I’ve got the Kindle App, Google Play App and iBooks app all synced to my pad and phone, so that wherever I am with whatever device I can pick up where I’ve left off. Currently on my phone I’m reading LICK by Kylie Scott (it’s getting RAVE reviews)!

So, I’m curious – are you faithful to one book or like me, do you read more than one book at once on different platforms?!

Aren’t we lucky to have so many options these days.




11 thoughts on “Reading Habits

  1. I used to be faithful to one book, then fell into ‘one fiction and one non-fiction’ books on the go. Then when I changed jobs and it was much faster (and less stressful the majority of days) to commute, it became a book for home, a book for the commute & one non fiction. Phew! Some times they are ebooks, sometimes not. At the moment I’m reading What Tears Us Apart by Deborah Cloyed & Underground (about the London Tube). Just finished my home book and thinking about what to read next…

  2. Unlike you, I’m a one-book woman….;) and I’m faithful to the old-fashioned paper variety. I detest reading off a screen, and my eyes fully support my position.
    On the other hand, I have friends who LOVE e-books, and take their Kindles out with them.
    So yes, we’re lucky; it’s a triumph of technology that we have so many options.

    • LOL – you being a one-book woman makes me sound like a tart!! Like you, I still prefer paper though – but reading on my phone is good for when I’m waiting or for short snippets of time when I’m out and have a chance to read!

  3. I picked up a ‘real’ book the other night and it felt strange after reading on my iPad for the past number of months. There’s so many new ebooks on the market, I tend to download a sample first, then if an opening chapter holds my interest, I’ll pay for it. I don’t collect as many ‘real’ books now. Yet, I still feed my reading habit, cheaply and without having too many bookshelves.

    • I love that about ebooks Carol – so good that you can download a sample and try before you buy! I also use that to keep record of all the books I want to read. Download the sample, but don’t always buy until I’m ready to read!

  4. Since getting my eReader (kobo glo) I tend to have a couple of books on the go I have ones that I read every night that is in my kobo as it has a backlight so when hubby comes to bed I can keep reading for as long as I like then I have those books you only read when no one is around 😏come on you know the ones like Mr grey for example, and then I have the novels I have started reading to my 6 year old like Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton so yes I guess I do have lots on the go at the sand time but my most read book is always what’s on my kobo.

    • That is the GREAT thing about ereaders! I read on my phone in bed after hubby has turned out his light!!! And great choices for reading with your daughter! If I count the kids’ novel, then I usually “read” four books at a time!

  5. I’m normally a one book at a time reader but lately I’ve been reading two – one for the exercise bike and one for bed and couch time. Been rather fun.

    As for e-readers, LOVE THEM!

  6. I normally try to only read one at a time, but being on hols I actually have 2 on the go, but really am going back to Home before dark by Susan Wiggs. Damn now Rachael you have given me more Authors..

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