Happy Release Day To Me

So if the subject of this blog didn’t give it away… today is the official release day of OUTBACK DREAMS, published by Harlequin Australia. I’m not sure why but it often seems the book actually releases a few days earlier than the official date, so yesterday my boys and I went to Perth and went visiting my books!!

photo 1

photo 2

The above two pics are from Dymocks Midland!! I was too scared to ask if they wanted me to sign some books (yes, some of you will be surprised that I’m actually quite shy) but I did leave some bookmarks, so if you buy a book from here, be sure to make sure you get one!

photo 4

This photo is from Kmart Midland! My youngest (in the blue) always wants to move my books to a better spot whenever he sees them. Unfortunately they were already in a pretty good spot here and he wasn’t best pleased that his shelf rearranging skills weren’t needed!

We also checked out Big W and Target Midland and both of them seemed to have already sold out as there were spots for them but no actual books, so if you haven’t got a copy yet.. what are you waiting for!?

More details about OUTBACK DREAMS can be found on my website here, including an excerpt and to-buy links 🙂


16 thoughts on “Happy Release Day To Me

  1. Congratulations Rach. Awesome. I’ve pre-ordered it digital, but forgot that it’s print also, which I’ll be getting anyway. It has to go next to your other’s on my book shelf. lol
    Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! I love the enthusiasm the boys have for your books! Reminds me of mine…always happy to do a spot of shelf-rearranging. how cool for your release day to fall in the holidays 🙂

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