Tempting tidbit from Elise K Ackers

One of the BEST and worst parts about being a writer is that I meet other fabulous writers and want to read ALL their books. I do my best (but it’s not very good at the moment) so I thought why not share all these wonderful people and books with you. So I thought I’d start showcasing some of this awesomeness on my blog. From now on, I’ll be sharing my friends’ releases with you and giving you a tantalising extract to tempt you!

First up is the gorgeous Elise K Ackers with her new book ASK ME FOR TOMORROW published by Destiny Romance. I must quickly say here that although I haven’t read this book I LOVE Elise’s work and am actually quoted on the cover of her December release! But today we’re looking at ASK ME FOR TOMORROW!




Three years after losing his wife, Dean Foster feels like he’s living in a daze. When he finds himself attracted to his new employee, it comes as quite a shock.

Single mum, Alice Jaye, is struggling to make ends meet. She’s too tired to flirt with her gorgeous new boss and firmly maintains a professional distance. But when their children bring them into close contact, keeping their relationship strictly business isn’t easy.

As Alice and her son spend more time with his family, Dean’s heart begins to open once more. But can he risk starting all over again?

This eagerly anticipated book in the Homeland series is a tender, heartwarming story about letting go of the past and giving love a second chance.


Eyes still on the road, he leaned forward in the seat, listening for the offending sound. After a moment he thought he might have caught it in the left part of the dashboard. He strained closer, only to wonder if he hadn’t misheard, because now it seemed to be coming from the passenger door.

It was only when the scent of flowers came to rival the scent of fruit that he realised how close he had moved to Alice. His cheek was close enough to her chest that a good bump in the road would probably embarrass them both.

‘Sorry,’ he said, moving quickly back to his side of the car.

Alice laughed and settled more comfortably into her seat. ‘It’s fine. Do what you’ve got to do.’

He glanced over, surprised by the subtle flirtation. She was smiling with one side of her mouth again. He grinned and looked back at the road.

He thought about her legs and perfume as he continued to listen for the elusive sound, but there was only the rain, her breathing and his fast beating heart.

How unexpected that Alice Jaye would manage to shine a light in the darkened corners of his desire. She wasn’t the kind of woman he was used to – he was surrounded by gregarious, fun-loving chatterboxes, women who had a lot to say, who would talk over him to get their point across. Yet here was Alice, reserved and relatively even-tempered, inciting thoughts that hadn’t crossed his mind in a long time.

Did this mean that Dean was open for business again? Was he seriously thinking about venturing forward into the new and unknown? What would people think of him moving on – would they think it was too soon? Did such opinions matter?

Want it now!? ASK ME FROM TOMORROW is available now from Destiny Romance, iBooks and Amazon.


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