How much do you read?!

Once again, I’ve sadly neglected this poor blog! If you’re still with me, thanks for hanging in there. I’m much more active over on my Facebook page, so if you’re on Facebook be sure to come on over and say Hi!

Anyway a week ago I went to Brisbane for the second ever Genre Con in Australia. Last year’s sounded so fabulous that I signed up pretty much as soon as they opened registrations this year and I was NOT disappointed! I caught up with my good friend Cathryn Hein, lunched with a bunch of amazing women and writers, met new friends and heard fabulous local and international writers talk about their processes, etc, which is always inspiring! I also met the fabulous Dianne Blacklock and Anita Heiss who I’ve been tweeting with for a couple of years. They are just as magic in person as they are online and I can’t wait to read their books. I’m currently reading Dianne’s latest THE BEST MAN and enjoying itΒ immensely.

best man

Speaking of reading, one of the common threads many of the guest speakers said was that to be a writer you also have to be a reader. I have always believed this to be the case – I can’t understand how you can be a writer and NOT a reader – but at Genre Con, I realised something terrible. My reading life has been suffering this past year as I have more and more writing commitments and deadlines. I’m lucky now if I read one book in two weeks whereas I used to read two to five in ONE week!

Nowadays I mostly read at night in that tiny window between falling into the bed and falling asleep. I’m usually knackered from the requirements of the day and sometimes only read for ten or fifteen minutes. This could be why I haven’t been able to get into many books of late and I’ve decided it has to change.

As a writer, reading is WORK! Yes, terrible chore I know but it is a FACT. I NEED to read to keep up with what is out there, to refill the well and to learn from other fantastic writers.

So, that’s the biggest thing I brought away from Genre Con. I’m going to read more and I’m going to read widely. I bought a book by the enigmatic Chuck Wendig when I was in Brisbane and one by the divine Kathryn Fox. These are books I would likely not pick up normally but hearing these amazing writers talk I just could not miss out on their work.


Anyway… sorry for all this waffling, but I’m basically curious. How much do YOU read!? How many books a week? Do you read mostly in one genre or widely?


32 thoughts on “How much do you read?!

  1. I read a lot! In a really good week I’ll read anywhere from 5-10 books. My goal is to read 600 books this year and I’m going to make it. Now if only that would put a dent in my books to read list…

  2. I read at night before bed, except perhaps Friday and Saturday nights. I also read on the weekends, in the afternoon, if we aren’t doing much. I tend to read a wide range of genres, but I have my favourites. Oh how many books? I average two to three books a week. πŸ™‚ It really depends.

  3. I’m the same as you, Rach. Writing commitments have me bogged down right now! My TBR pile is so high at the moment it’s bordering on embarrassing. I’m currently reading Caine’s Reckoning by Sarah McCarty to gauge … um … smex scene levels … in the name of research, I swear! πŸ˜‰ But as far as reading for enjoyment (i.e. friends’ novels–yours included!), I’m going to wait until I know I have 1-2 days spare for each book in order to devote to them my full attention. There’s nothing worse than getting a few chapters in and then having to sideline it to meet other commitments.

    I’ve found over the years that my reading tends to lean toward anything that has a strong romantic element, adult or YA, in any genre. I do love historical, though, and anything paranormal that doesn’t involve vampires or werewolves. πŸ˜› A good week for me is reading around 3 books, but I haven’t had a good week in quite a while!

  4. Hi Rachael…I too read widely and across lots of different genres. The library staff know me well and used to laugh when I took my three kids along with me and we’d all borrow the maximum number of books each!! Unfortunately life and working does get in the way of reading, and now I’m writing too…its even worse! Loved Outback Dreams and some of my favourite authors are Cathy Kelly, Maeve Binchy, Dianne Blacklock, Marion Keyes, Erica James, Catherine Alliot and West Aussie author Liz Byrski too….to name just a few!

  5. I’ve lost my pattern over the years. It probably used to be 5-7 books a week, whereas now I’m lucky if it’s that many in a month. With the surfeit of freebies available for my Kindle, I do START many books, but can’t finish way too many of them. The other part is, if the writing’s going well, I don’t read as much, so I’m kind of happy NOT to read. πŸ™‚

  6. Ooh, good topic. I’m always interested to know how much other people read!
    I read on average two books a week – I usually have two books on the go (one for the commute, one for home). However, I didn’t finish a single book last week! I will usually have books from different genres on the go (so I don’t confuse them. I like to read almost anything – lately it’s been romance, contemporary fiction/literature (how one makes the distinction I’m not always sure), mystery, crime, historical fiction, travel…too many!

  7. it usually depends on the book, how tired/busy I am and if i’m on holidays (or the weekend) some times its one- 1&1/2 a week – sometimes they seem to take forever – other times I read one in a day

  8. I read a lot less than I used to, but I’m also far more discerning about what I read. Probably directly due to the fact I have less time. If it doesn’t hook me within a couple of chapters, it gets the boot πŸ™‚ Life’s too short to read mediocre books!

    I like your thinking though – reading is working! I’m currently reading a sneak peek of Deborah Challinor’s latest Australian historical – Girl of Shadows. This is book 2 – definitely a series I’d recommend!

  9. I’ve been reading a lot recently, around 6 or 7 books a month when usually I only manage 3 or 4, but I suspect that’s because a lot of my reading lately has been shorter novels. As for genre, I’ll read pretty much anything! Lately I’ve been on an historical binge, so now I’m looking for a big gutsy, down ‘n dirty crime novel or a scare-my-bloomers off horror.

    I find reading one of the best inspirations for my own writing. I’ve noticed many times how my writing turns sluggish when I’m not reading. Nice to have such a wonderful past-time now an integral part of my job!

  10. Thanks for the mention Racheal, and it was fab to meet you, albeit briefly. This is a great question, especially for those who want to write. I don’t read much when I am in the throes of a writing myself, because I’m simply brain-fried by the end of the day. ON holidays I can knock over three novels in a week if that’s I do. Last year I read 52 books in 52 weeks for the National Year of Reading, but many were kids books. All reading matters πŸ™‚

    • Brain-fried! I so relate. Just spent ALL morning doing page proofs and should use the rest of my kid-free day to write but yanno, I’m just not sure if I can summon the energy or the brain power! I love reading kids books too!

  11. I’m in awe of all the amazing readers here! Like Anita, my reading slows when I’m writing solidly myself, but even when I’m not, I’m happy reading everyday. I’ve read 20 books this year, across all genres, including non-fiction. And of course, I read to my youngest daughter everyday!

  12. Thank you for the mention, and for including the pic of my lovely cover πŸ™‚ I’m like Anita, when I’m writing intensively I find it really hard to read – my brain can’t seem to accommodate more than one fictional world at a time! So I binge after deadlines, though I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish lately too, I’m afraid. For me it’s about not getting to bed too late so I can read for a while, though I do love that odd indulgent afternoon spent reading for hours … maybe I need to allow myself one of those to get back into the groove!

  13. Can i count the kids books I read to my daughter? I’m a really lame reader, always have been. Takes me about 3 weeks to finish a book, unless I’m really gripped. I would love to read several books in a week, but have never had that kind of time. And I read way too slowly, obviously. No wonder I’m drowning in my TBR pile! But yes, reading is a must for a writer, and reading beyond your usual scope is important too. Sounds like genre con was a blast!

  14. I love reading the rural romance genre, mostly because I would love to be a jilaroo and the heroines are always inspiring but also for the romance stuff. I am constantly on the internet looking for new books coming out by my favourite authors so that I don’t miss out on anything. I am always discovering new authors, my favourites at the moment are you, Karly Lane, Mandy Magro, Rachael Treasure, Fiona Palmer, Fleur Mc Donald, Catherine Hein, Loretta Hill, Fiona McCallum and Pamela Cook. If I start a book I usually get it finished in one day without doing much else other than eating but I’m not allowed to read too many books a week because mum doesn’t let me. Sometimes when I run out of books to read I re read my favourites until I can buy new ones. So far I have read all your books and can’t wait to finish the trilogy. I love reading your books and would love to write some of my own in the future.

    • Hi Hannah – sorry I’ve only just seen your comment. You’re obviously a very dedicated rural reader. We love you πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your excitement about my Bunyip Bay trilogy. x

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