Coastal Romance Christmas Blog Hop

Welcome Coastal Romance Christmas blog hoppers – I’m thrilled to be part of the Coastal Romance Christmas blog hop, the brain time of fantastic author and all round lovely lady Annie Seaton. If you’ve been following the hop, you’ll already know about the fantastic prizes on offer but if this is your first stop, don’t forget to check out the contest at the end, where you can win a $100 Amazon gift card and 26 ebooks from awesome authors! I’m also offering one lucky commenter the chance to win a signed copy of JILTED and MAN DROUGHT for themselves or as a gift. Just leave a comment below to win. 

Now… without further ado, my thoughts on coastal romance 🙂

I wasn’t raised near the beach, so a day at the seaside was an occasional treat rather than a way of life for me. Although I liked paddling at the beach, the vastness of the ocean and all the things that could be hiding beneath the sand scared me, so I did my swimming at pools rather than down at the beach.

However, all our family holidays when I was a child, happened to be in coastal towns. When we lived in NSW we went to Forster for two Christmas’s and then later when we moved to WA, we spent many a summer holiday down in Bunbury, Busselton  or Margaret River. All these places hold special family memories for me. I love the atmosphere in coastal towns, the quaint shops, the beach side cafes, the friendly smiles of locals and tourists alike, the strolls along the beach at sunset, the resorts, the caravan parks, the surfers (oh yeah), the lifeguards, the kids with buckets and spades, sandcastles, ice-creams…

archie beach

When I think of the coast, I conjure up all sorts of happy images and I often think of Christmas because my family spent many as Christmas holiday near the sea when I was growing up. So, when I decided to write a Christmas novella, it is no surprise I chose to set my little fictional town on the beautiful south west coast of Australia, which is very close to my heart.

My fictional town of Wildwood Point has all the things I love about the coast and I hope those who indulge in a few hours with my characters will love my little coastal town. I can’t wait to write more novellas set here.

Kissing Season final cover

So, for my future books, I’d love to know what your absolute favourite thing is to visit when you go to a coastal town, and who knows… maybe you’ll see that in my next Wildwood Point novella.

For more information on THE KISSING SEASON my coastal Christmas novella click here.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave a comment to enter my contest, enter the Rafflecopter give-away below for the Amazon gift card and ebooks and also visit the other authors on the coastal blog hop (listed below).

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Our Christmas Blog Hop Calendar 

28 November Annie Seaton
29 November Jenny Schwartz
30 November E.E.Carter
1 December Nicole Flockton
2 December Dilys Carnie

3 December Elsa Winckler
4 December Maureen O Betitia
5 December Sherry Gloat
6 December Chris Stovell
7 December J’AimeeBrooker
8 December Susanne Bellamy
9 December Barbara Cool Lee
10 December Tea Cooper
11 December Juliet Madison
12 December Linda Mitchelmore
13 December Julie McCullogh
14 December Eva Scott
15 December Maureen Fisher
16 December Rachael Johns
17 December Susanne O’Leary
18 December Jean Joachim
19 December Demelza Carlton
20 December Lily Malone
21 December Marisa Cleveland
22 DecemberMonique McDonnell
23 December Lauren McKellar
24 December Annie Seaton  Prize Draw


23 thoughts on “Coastal Romance Christmas Blog Hop

  1. I love the beach but I hate sand. Lol. It gets everywhere. I don’t go there during the Christmas holidays but I’ve spent many vacations in Florida.
    The book and series sound good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I don’t have many experiences with coasts. I too am someone who tends to be both awed and terrified of the magnitude and beauty of the ocean, so I’ve stuck to pools too. My one experience on the coast as an adult was when I went to Goa for a week. It was a wonderful experience. I found it hard to believe I was still in India until I saw the cows/buffaloes on the beach! The atmosphere and vibe is so much more relaxed there.

    I must admit my favorite part of the trip was the food. The traditional Goan food was absolutely delicious. Just thinking about the butter masala prawn biryani that we ate at this one restaurant on the beach still makes my mouth water and we visited in 2005. I remember trying the local hooch called fenni. It smelled wonderful but tasted like something used to strip paint from the walls. It was not something I tried again.

    I’m really looking forward to my next coastal trip in May of 2014 when I will visit New Orleans for the first time and attend part of the RT convention. I’m looking forward to eating beignets with chicory coffee, enjoying po’ boys, gumbo, Jambalaya, and all sorts of Cajun and other cuisines as much as I am hobnobbing and being starstruck when seeing my favorite authors.

    Being a history buff and a lover of all things old and antique, my second favorite part of any trip is seeing historic buildings and marvels. It amazes me to see how ingenious man really is and what s/he can accomplish with just the basic resources and without technology. Goa had beautiful churches and I’m looking forward to gasping in awe over New Orleans mansions, plantations, and graveyards.

    • First of all – OMG are you going to RT?! So am I! We MUST meet!! It’ll be my first time in the US!! I’m so looking forward to the food in New Orleans too 🙂

      And I love your beach memories. I actually just listened to an audio book in which Goa was mentioned a couple of times. It sounds amazing!!

      • Yes I definitely am! I will be there for the reader signing and perhaps loitering around for other parts as well. I would absolutely LOVE to meet up!

        Goa is beautiful. If you ever get the chance to go, please do!

  3. Originally from New Mexico and now living in Oklahoma, I’ve not had extensive exposure to coastal areas. Hubby’s parents did live in Cambria, CA the first few years of our marriage, but when we’d go to visit them, it wasn’t the fact it was on the coast that meant anything. We would occasionally go to the ‘beach’ there, but it wasn’t a swimming area and was rather rocky. Hubby did take some great pics of the water crashing against rocks, and we even hung them in the living room for awhile.
    Three or four years ago, we went to CA to see hubby’s younger brother & wife – and while there, we drove over to Cambria and spent a night at one of the many hotel/motels there. That place has sure grown and changed in the 30 years between visits!

    • WOW – thanks for sharing that special memory with me. It reminded me a bit of the beaches where my family comes from back in Whitley Bay, England. They’re more rocky than yellow sand and I remember when my hubby and I went back and showed the kids a few years ago. Not at all what they were used to!

  4. A holiday isn’t a holiday unless it’s near the ocean. I love everything about coastal towns– the sound of seagulls, the tang of sea air, local music, delicious seafood in outdoor restaurants, a seafront boardwalk (called a malechon in Mexico), long, sandy beaches, the festive atmosphere. This winter we’re spending 3 months in Puerto Vallarta in a very cool condo overlooking the marina. This place has it all, and more!

  5. Oh dear, I am so going to end up in everyone’s bad books! But the best part of living near the sea is at the end of the season when we get beaches to ourselves again!!! rofl!! That said, I do enjoy the atmosphere that comes with the tourists.

  6. I like to visit local cafes and shops located near the beach…or farmers markets and street fairs if they’re going on when I’m there. I also like to visit lighthouses and sand dunes.


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