The year in review – or did I meet my goals for 2013?!

Every year I make a list of writing goals for the next twelve months. They are not New Years’ Resolutions but things I can definitely achieve if I put my mind to it. Previous experience has taught me that if I make goals I am more likely to be productive and even if I don’t EXACTLY meet those goals I get close or do something similar.

Below are the goals I made for 2013 and in pink the outcome achieved:

1) Finish the next book in my “Outback” series and begin the third book. Submit the first book. – By next book I meant OUTBACK BLAZE. As it happens there was a deadline mix-up and I therefore achieved this goal by June 1st. That gave me the rest of the year to not only begin the third book but also finish it (OUTBACK GHOST – was handed in in Dec). 

2) Write another novella or short romance and/or the second in my Carina Press Hollywood series. Submit. – I didn’t achieve this and I almost wrote unfortunately but it is not unfortunate. I didn’t actually complete another novella or the second in my Hollywood series but I did write three partials I didn’t plan to write. THE ROAD TO HOPE partial was written mid-year and subsequently contracted by Harlequin Australia. I will be finishing this book in the new year. I also wrote another partial – FANCY MEETING YOU HERE – cos the idea just wouldn’t leave me alone. I plan to write this book this year also. In addition to this, I wrote the partial of a novella, which my agent has recently submitted. Watch this space! So although I didn’t specifically achieve this goal, I’m fairly happy with what I DID achieve 🙂

3) Read at least two books a week! – FAIL!! I only read 66 books this year, which definitely works out to less than two a week. Must try harder next year!! 

So, did you achieve your goals in 2013? I’d love to hear. And I promise on New Years Day to post my goals for 2014!! Let me know if you blog about yours – post a link in the comments section of this blog or my New Years Day post and I’ll come read yours!


13 thoughts on “The year in review – or did I meet my goals for 2013?!

  1. Oh Wow, what an accomplishment. Woo Hoo! Rach. 🙂
    I did achieve my goals. Publish two novels, submit two more to publishers, and finish another. I’m planning to start another one around mid January.

  2. Actually I didn’t comment on your reading. I don’t think I’ve read as much as you have, but I’ve read a fair few. I haven’t put them up on Goodreads, or actually counted them. On my td list. 🙂

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