Belated goals for 2014!

I’m going to be ambitious with my goals for 2014 (even though they’re a few days late) because something monumental is happening. For the first time ever all three of my children will be in full time school. While I’ll be helping occasionally in our family business, mostly five days a week I’ll be working on my writing business. Because of this massive change, I’ve decided 2014 will be the year I push myself that little bit more.

First up: I’m aiming to complete (90k to go) THE ROAD TO HOPE by the beginning of April even though my deadline isn’t until June 1st. When I work out how many words this is per day, it isn’t actually that scary.

Second: Write a novella to follow up THE KISSING SEASON or write a novella as part of a charity anthology I’m trying to organise.

Third: Write a sexy novella or fun project, different to my rurals.

Four: Write two more single titles or if the second is an idea I have that requires more research, write one more single title and make a dent in the second.

Five: Read two books a week. This was my goal last week and I didn’t quite make it. Might throw more novellas into the mix next year so I have a better chance.

Six: (only vaguely writing related) Get back into exercising and eat better so I have a hope in hell of fitting into the dress I just bought for the ARRA dinner in March!! Or if that fails, at least be slim enough to wear it during RT in New Orleans in May! See picture below 🙂



16 thoughts on “Belated goals for 2014!

  1. Love the dress!!!!!! You’ll good fab in it 🙂

    Wow – having the boys in school full time is going to be an amazing change for you 🙂 Imagine how different your life is going to be. Knowing how disciplined you are (and have been) I’m sure you’ll achieve your 2014 goals 🙂

    For me, since I still work my “other” job and am aiming to complete two category books this year 🙂

  2. Love this post, Rachael! Love the dress too 🙂
    I agree with Joanne. You are such a disiplined writer that you’ll most definitely achieve your goals. (I hope you do too, Joanne :))
    You’ve inspired me to get cracking on my own:
    *Complete last book in a YA trilogy and write a sequel to the YA coming out in March. If I complete the first two, then I’ll write a new YA stand alone (which I’ve started) and finish a novella I’ve been stuck on for ages.
    Now I feel tired, lol.

  3. I can just picture you in that dress. Awesome. As for your goals, amazing. I thought mine were enough, although I haven’t stipulated out loud. Maybe I need to do more. Wow, I’m impressed. 🙂

  4. You are a machine, Rach! I know you’ll get there. I haven’t posted mine yet but will do when I get back from hols. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be awesome!
    PS LOVE the dress!

  5. Good luck with all your goals, and I will see YOU in that dress in March!! 😉

    I’ve half-written my blog post with my goals and a rundown of what happened last year, so will post soon.

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