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The Australia Day weekend always coincides with my birthday – how lucky am I to usually have a long weekend? While we don’t have any particular traditions for the day in our family, it’s about relaxing and hanging out together. Because we own an IGA X-Press supermarket in a small country town, we rarely get more than a day off at a time – luckily we’re only open six days a week. So a public holiday means two days in which we (or rather my husband) doesn’t have to get up early to set-up the shop.

This long weekend we’re spending it at a house we recently purchased in the Perth hills. It has a swimming pool – owning one was a childhood dream of mine – and I plan to spend much of Australia Day lounging by the pool with a book and my lovely Diet Coke. Maybe I’ll even splurge and buy myself one of those blow-up pool loungers, so I can read IN the pool?! Who wants to predict how long I’ll stay on top of it with three young boys splashing round me?

Whatever you do, wherever you are this Australia Day, I hope you are relaxing and doing something you enjoy with someone or people you love!

Kissing Season final cover

Tell me what you’re up to this Australia Day to go in theΒ drawΒ to win a rare (it’s not actually available in print to buy) print copy of my recently released novella THE KISSING SEASON. Leave your answer in the comment section by Tuesday midnight (EST) and I’ll announce the winner Wednesday. Contest only open to Australian and New Zealand residents.

Thanks to the fabulous Shellyrae at Book’d Out Blog there’s a whole host of other people offering prizes on their blogs for the Australia Day blog hop. Click here and you can see the whole list of other blogs and how to enter more contests!!

41 thoughts on “Book’d Out Australia Day Blog Hop

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to read your new book!! I am definitely planning a casual weekend with the family this year as I start work next week for the first time since I had my two girls 4 years ago!! I hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. It’s my dad’s birthday today, too. so we’re celebrating all things him today, and then all things Australia tomorrow with a barbeque. That all sounds very relaxing, but we’ll be renovating out the back and tripping over dogs, too. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m not eligible to win either as much as I would love to. Happy birthday Rachael and Happy Australia Day as well. I will spend it studying for my upcoming medical board exam.

    By the way, my birthday is the day before yours, which I think is really cool. πŸ™‚

  4. Happy Birthday, for tomorrow Rachael.
    The plan for Australia Day is to swim at eight a.m., then go on to the Australia Day activities in the park. In the afternoon, we plan to go to a local club and dance and listen to the music of our favourite band in a special Australia Day event.

  5. Happy Birthday Rachael. This weekend I will be baking cakes and muffins ready for Miss 9 to start back to school on Monday. I just made a sign with the chickens names on it and put in up in the chicken coop. I’m hoping to get some reading time in there somewhere and who know we may even end up at the beach late one afternoon for a swim.

  6. Happy Birthday, Rachael! This weekend, I’ve been to the farmers’ market and bought heaps of berries and free range eggs and cream, so I’m more or less obliged to make pavlova at this point. But I’m in a baking mood, so I probably won’t stop there…

  7. I love Australia Day. Each year we spend it with friends and all our kids at the beach in Torquay. Each year the weather is perfect for out BBQ and we spend all day and into the night there. Happy Australia Day!

  8. I will just be hanging out at home with my husband and my cat. I will also be thinking of my brother as it’s his birthday but he is no longer with us.

  9. Nothing really planned……but, those days usually end up the best.
    Happy Birthday!! and hope you do get to enjoy pool and book.
    Would like to win this to enjoy same (bit risky with e-reader)
    Kiddies plastic pool will have to do, though.

  10. I will just be spending Australia Day quietly at home with my 2 sons trying to stay cool while hubbys away at work 😦 I haven’t read ‘kissing season’ as of yet (have wanted to) as i dont have anything to read electronic copies with & i only buy print copies πŸ˜€

  11. I’m having a very quiet weekend, Rach. Finally I’ll be getting back to reading Outback Dreams, between swimming in my Indy biddy pool, and I foresee some writing. Have a great birthday and enjoy this Oz Day long weekend.

  12. I have read The Kissing Season but would love to own it in Print.
    I hope you are having a fabulous Birthday in the sunshine poolside, and good luck with the lounger….. I think it might be hazardous to the health of your book though.

    Australia Day this year we are BBQing with friends, until I decide I am too pregnant and need my couch.

  13. Our plan this Australia Day is to chill out at home playing Mario Kart/Party with the kids and swim in the little pool we have. Homemade pizzas for lunch cooked on the webber and roast lamb for dinner (also cooked on the webber)!! Nice and relaxing!

  14. Well, as business owners ourselves we were looking forward to a very rare 2 day weekend with the kids as well, but as my husband ended up being admitted to hospital yesterday, plans have changed. We’re wondering if the hospital serves beer for Australia Day?
    So, do me a favor and have an extra great time by the pool for us and have a Diet Coke for me!

  15. Me and my brother have driven 9 hours to visit my sister who has received her first teacher posting and today went spent our time cleaning the backyard gardening and mowing so it’s ready for us to play backyard cricket tomorrow.. Happy birthday

  16. We will probably take the kids to the beach and have a day of relaxing. Then on the Monday I am going to an Australia Day brunch with my friends and their families enjoying a huge breakfast and a swim in the pool.
    Enjoy your break. Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  17. Happy birthday!

    This Australia Day I’m going to remind my children who are 11 & 15 years old about Aussie traditions such as:
    * where the lamb in the supermarkets comes from & the importance of our farming families.
    * ANZAC biscuits

  18. Congrats on the new house and a very happy birthday to you! If you get in the pool early enough (before boys wake up) -you may get in some good reading time πŸ˜‰

    Meanwhile, I will be sleeping off my cold *grumbles*

  19. As the owner of a new and used bookstore, I don’t get too many days off either, but this holiday we are going picnicking in the hills followed by a glass or two of bubbly and just relax for a day. Will make a nice change!

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great Australia Day!!

  20. I will be spending the morning with my son on the trampoline and then taking him to the park. I will behaving a bbq for lunch then I will spend a little time with my husband son and two step daughters after that I will be going to work. I am a disability support worker and I love my job. I will come home at 10 pm to spend the rest of the night watching a movie with my soul mate

  21. Happy Birthday Rach! Tomorrow I’m having lunch at my parents place with the kids. Unfortunately they don’t have a pool. Might just be running through the sprinklers for us. Would love to win a “rare” print copy of “The Kissing Season.” What an awesome prize.

  22. Lounging on the pool, reading sounds the perfect way to spend the day, Rach. Except for maybe the sunburn bit…

    Not sure what we’re up to today. The other half has that look though, the one that says his brain is working on something. No doubt I’ll be advised of his plans at the last minute!

    Have fun and happy birthday for yesterday!

  23. Happy Birthday Rachael. I hope it is most enjoyable.

    After attending the OZ Rock concert in Busso yesterday I was hoping for quiet day today to catch up on some reading, but it sounds as if we are road tripping it to Manji to attend the speedway. Then tomorrow off to Mandurah to catch up with my best mate and celebrate his birthday. Got to love long weekends spent with family and friends.

  24. I’m actually catching up on some chores. Nothing too ghastly or exhausting. Great to have them out of the way though.

    Happy Birthday!! It’s my Mother’s birthday today. Too far away to catch up, so just best wishes sent. She claims she is 29 – for the 7th time.

  25. I will be celebrating with our neighbours ( we live in a small rural town in Victoria) with a spit, drinks, and lots of laughs… a really laid back afternoon

  26. Happy Birthday Rachel. I hope your wish of reading in the pool was realised.
    So far today, I’ve spent a lazy morning reading, then we hit the beach for a VERY windswept swim. It was all worth it though, as we were fortunate enough to have a few dolphins join us for a surf!! Shortly we’re heading off the the Perth Skyworks, so should be a fabulous end to a truly amazing Australia Day.

  27. A beautiful post, Rachel. Happy Birthday, and congratulations on running an IGA. They are just great stores and seem to be the heart and soul of a country town. Happy Australia Day to you and your family, and hope the pool was great. I’ve written my post about an old book of Australian verse I had at school as a child. Australia Day is special in so many ways, isn’t it. Enjoy! Best wishes from Noelle (Journeys with Noelle).

  28. Hope you had a great day lounging by the pool, Rach! I ended up blog hopping, having family over, and then visiting family for a BBQ and watching the tennis. A lovely day all in all.

    Happy Australia day holiday!

  29. I hope you had a fantastic birthday Rachael and long weekend in your pool!
    Like you, I spent my Australia day in the pool with my family. We brought blow up thongs (the foot kind obviously) and this round runner thing for my little sister. Overall it was a great day of just relazing and enjoying each other’s company. A lot of fun that’s for sure – and some of us (for once its not me!) are a little bit sunburnt and sore!
    By the way, I read the ebook of The Kisisng Season and loved. Not that I expected anything else πŸ™‚

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