OUTBACK BLAZE is lift off!!

It’s May 1st, which means OUTBACK BLAZE should officially be EVERYWHERE!! I’ve already had reports of people seeing copies out and about in the wilds and hopefully today it’ll be downloading to lots of e-readers all over the place as well.

Release days are always happy experiences for us authors. I’d say they’re even better than a birthday or Christmas! It’s like the culmination of all our hard work is finally paying off. We can breathe a sigh of relief – our book baby is out in the wilds and there’s not much more we can do about it. Some people will love it (and post on FB or send gorgeous emails), some will not, but we’ve done all we can do.

I’m pleased to report that I’m already getting some gorgeous ratings and reviews for OUTBACK BLAZE.

The lovely Bree from 1Girl2ManyBooks posted one this morning that made my heart full. She said “Rachael Johns is fast becoming one of Australia’s most popular authors and with each release she justifies why – realistic, relatable characters, small towns with a great feel and storylines that keep the reader hooked and always wanting her next book. Waiting sucks!” The waiting she refers to is for OUTBACK GHOST the next Bunyip Bay book, which is out in October. To read her full review click here.

And don’t forget I have a fabulous contest running for anyone who takes a #shelfie (photo) of OUTBACK BLAZE in the shops. Post it on my Facebook page throughout May to go into the draw to win a Kobo Touch e-reader!!

Here’s a #shelfie I took of OUTBACK BLAZE in our shop!!


OH and because I’m feeling so damn chuffed today, I’m giving away one print copy of OUTBACK BLAZE (Aus/NZ entries only please) – comment on this blog post to win!

Happy reading folks. Thanks SO much for your support!


33 thoughts on “OUTBACK BLAZE is lift off!!

  1. Happy released day, haven’t spied it on any Tassie shelves yet but will take a pic when I do. 🙂

  2. Really can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of outback blaze… cant wait to see what happens with the lovely Ruby 🙂

  3. Happy release day Rach! Can’t wait to read Outback Blaze – I want to find out more about Ruby and Drew:)

  4. Congratulations Rachel.It is wonderful to think that we have an accomplished novelist who writes stories that are placed in the same area that she lives in. I grew up in the same area and eagerly await each book you release. Well done!

  5. Congratulations Rachel. Another best seller I am sure. You should be so proud of what you have, and continue, to achieve.

  6. Whoop woop so excited , can’t wait to get to Perth to get my copy after seeding 🙂 might have to sneak a order to booktopia

  7. I so love reading people’s comments on your books. Shows you how far you have come. You should be so proud of your achievements. So love the cover and it has arrived on my kindle. Huge Hug.

  8. A very happy release day. I adored Outback Dreams so I’m sure Outback Blaze will be fantastic, I’m really looking forward to reading it, my mum spied a copy in our local Kmart 🙂 I’m hoping I might get it as a Mother’s Day present!

  9. Woohoo I cant wait to read this book . Congrats on the new book. Im sure that it will be as good as the rest

  10. I can’t imagine what it must be like for an author on publishing date – definitely excitement and pride and a little trepidation? Looking forward to reading Outback Blaze. Congratulations.

  11. Awesome weather for a cuppa tea & a good book on the couch this weekend! Now thats my type of weekend! Love your books & love that they are based around rural WA! Keep them coming!

  12. Thanks everyone for your lovely thoughts and words about my books!!! Congrats to Dee – you re my WINNER!!! Email me at Rachaeljohns077 @ gmail dot com with your address to claim your signed copy of OUTBACK BLAZE!!

  13. Congrats Rach on becoming a writer… Always knew you would go far in school. Saw you on Sunrise… Well Done!!

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