More and more authors are putting out novellas that are digital only to keep readers happy in between their longer stories. Some books will only ever be published digitally.

As I have a digital novella – TEASE ME, COWBOY – releasing next week, I thought it a fitting time to talk about HOW you can read an ebook if you don’t have a dedicated reading device.

Tease Me Cowboy Cover

I must confess I still read mostly print books. I love the feel and smell of a brand new book and I love having all my faves lined up in the bookshelf. I DON’T like the dust they gather because I think we’ve established before, I’m not a housekeeper. But I do also read books on my Kindle and now my iPad, even occasionally on my phone. But let’s forget about the Kindle e-reader for a moment and talk about HOW I could read if I only had a phone, tablet or even PC.

Most e-bookstores now also have apps you can download to your phone, tablet or computer to enable you to buy books from them and read them on whatever device you feel like doing so on.

If you don’t have a tablet and want to read on your computer, I suggest downloading the Kindle App for PC from Amazon. Click here for information on how to download this free app. You can then set up an Amazon account and purchase your digital book through Amazon and they will be magically delivered to the Kindle App on your computer.

If you have a tablet (e.g. iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc) or a smart phone, you can download an app so you can buy from Amazon, iBooks, KoboBooktopiaGoogle Play and many many more. Simply search in your devices app store. On my iPad I have the iBooks app, the Amazon app and the Google Play app, which means I can shop around and find the best priced book before buying.

I hope this has been helpful and that you’ll find away to access ebooks, even if it is only for novellas, which aren’t usually available in print!

We can’t have you missing out on booky goodness!!!


  1. I have Kindle on my laptop which was helpful when I couldn’t download on my kindle because I wasn’t at home at the time and my Kindle didn’t recognised the internet signal. Also have abode digital editions for epub books which are not kindle from sites that only sell these types of books like Mills and Boon UK and Australia. I also have two ereaders. Kindle and another one which I transfer all my books from computer to the ereader from those other sites, however, can read anytime I like on my computer.

  2. I’m afraid I just love reading, no matter if it is a book, (some can get heavy), or on my Kindle or Sony ereader. I firmly believe I have an addiction, but what a good one to have. I have so many on the TBR pile.

  3. I rarely leave any comments, but finding your site, it did wonders for me!!! I purchased an eBook, and at the same site, downloaded Adobe Digital 4.0, and my old PC, or whatever the problem was, will not open it. Got expert advice, with no results, I downloaded all of the old versions, and they worked fine, but I cant download my purchased book without Adobe 4.0, I was so upset, working on this for hours, as I am mostly capable, but not this time. My last hope, was entering the query, “How can I download an eBook without a digital reader”, and to this site, I so happily arrived, used the above “Amazon Kindle link”, it downloaded so quick, found the same eBook on Amazon for cheaper, purchased it with a few clicks, and it is mine now, all of it!!!!! Thank You Rachael Johns, for I am so very grateful, and I certainly wish you the best!! Sincerely, Mr C.

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