Patterson’s Curse Week 8 (I think)

Hey folks

Firstly I have to apologise for totally missing Week Seven’s blog – I don’t know where the last couple of weeks have gone, but I promise you I’ve been busy writing up a storm on Patterson’s Curse.

I’m pleased to report I hit 65,000 words, and am about to start chapter 22.

Usually I’m a fairly chronological writer but for this book, with four strong female point-of-views I’m jumping around a bit and writing a scene when it takes my fancy. I’ve also been doing a lot more planning than I’ve ever done on a novel before. Most of my planing is usually done on my head but with four sisters and thus four stories interlinked, I resorted to something other some other writers swear by. I bought some post-it notes, some highlighters and a massive piece of cardboard to stick on my wall and I created this:



Each of those yellow post-its is a scene that I know must happen before I get to the climax of the book and each colour is a sister. Sadly, there are a lot more scenes I need to add and I’m seriously beginning to worry about the length of this book. You guys will certainly get your money’s worth with this book 🙂 But I’m trying not to worry TOO much and just write.

Here’s a little extract for you until next week:

It was Hugo’s turn to frown. ‘But you’re definitely going ahead with having a baby on your own?’

‘Yes.’ If anything, the hassles of finding a donor had made her more and more convinced of her decision. With each disappointment, her yearning to have a child of her own grew stronger. The way she’d almost lost control of her emotions in theatre proved that she needed to see this decision through.

‘I’ll do it.’

‘Huh?’ Lost in thoughts about the beautiful baby she’d just delivered, she thought she must have misheard. Or that the conversation had moved onto some other topic without her noticing.

Hugo leaned forward and planted his elbows on her desk, clasping his hands together in the way he always did when he was serious or focused on something. Her heart picked up speed as he opened his mouth.

‘I’m offering you my sperm, Madeleine. That is if you find me, as a donor, suitable.’

Holy shit! Was he kidding? He checked all her boxes for suitability a hundred times over.

She couldn’t help the smile that burst on her face as she imagined what a baby made with their combined genes would look like. Would it have blonde hair like hers or the sophisticated copper of his? Until she’d met Hugo, she’d never imagined anyone with red hair could be sexy but he defied this myth. They were both tall and sporty, so unless they shared some weird recessive genes, their child would have good body structure and muscle tone. And they both had high IQs – she imagined them sitting on the floor doing flashcards with their super bright baby.

The word “perfect” popped into her head, until she remembered Hugo wouldn’t be sitting on the floor sharing parental duties. He wouldn’t be there for the good times or the bad. That wouldn’t be the arrangement. Her bubble deflating, a voice in her head said she should thank him for the very kind offer but decline. It was the sensible thing to do. After all, a close friend donor was never one of her options. And also, this hadn’t been Hugo’s idea originally. If Celia hadn’t suggested it at dinner, he’d never have come to her on his own. Would he?

‘Are you sure?’ The question came out of her mouth of its own accord but it was a good one. If, and it was a big if, they did do this, she wanted to make sure he wasn’t feeling pressured by Celia or herself.

He nodded. And the only time she’d ever seen him looking so serious was the rare times he lost a mother and/or baby unexpectedly. Despite today’s medical advances, it still happened occasionally. ‘I’ve barely thought about anything else the past few days. The idea of you going out and looking for a stranger to… to do this mammoth thing, just doesn’t sit right.’

‘But you don’t want children?’

He lifted one shoulder. ‘Celia doesn’t want children, I’m indifferent, but I love Celia.’

Madeleine tried to ignore the stab in her heart at his confession. Of course she knew he loved Celia. Everyone loved Celia.

But then he added, ‘And you want a child and I love you too.’

A shot of adrenalin jolted her heart but somehow she managed to ignore it. He might love her, but not in the same way he loved Celia.



12 thoughts on “Patterson’s Curse Week 8 (I think)

  1. Glad to hear you missed a week because I have been busy and I thought I had missed a week! 🙂 Anyway this story is sounding most intrigueing, can’t wait to read it!

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