Hi everyone

Can’t believe I’m into week six of PATTERSON’S CURSE.  On the one hand it feels like I’ve been writing it forever but that time has also gone super quick. There are another nine weeks until my deadline but two of those I’ll be touring with the fabulous Fiona Palmer so it’s really seven. And two of those seven are school holidays, during which I never seem to manage to write much (and fair enough… I want to hang out with my babies)!

Anyway I like a challenge and this book is certainly a challenge. But I’m not going to whinge and whine today, instead I want to share with you my favourite things about last week’s writing.

1) The romance! Although this book is more women’s fiction than straight romance, I can’t write without a least a little bit of romance plot. Each of the four sisters have a love interest, although I don’t think all will get their HEA in this book. But my favourite romance so far is that of sister #3 Charlotte (Charlie) Patterson and her childhood friend, Mitch McDonald. Mitch is most definitely a beta hero and probably my biggest challenge (cos I’m already so in love with him) will be making sure he isn’t TOO perfect. Below is a little extract from Charlie and Mitch’s storyline:

She slept through Port Augusta and Port Pirie and didn’t even stir until Mitch returned to the ute after stopping at a servo just outside of Adelaide. She startled as he closed the door behind him and settled back into his seat.

         ‘Hungry?’ he asked, a boyish grin stretched across his face as he held up two Golden North Giant Twin bars.

         ‘Oh my gosh,’ she shrieked, all but snatching one out of his hands. ‘I haven’t had one of these in years.’

         He laughed, leaned back in his seat and ripped the wrapper of his ice-cream open. They sunk their teeth into the chocolate covered treat at exactly the same time and moaned in unison. Memories of their youth when they’d sit outside the Meadow Brook General Store on a wooden bench, stinking hot despite being under the shade of the veranda came into her head and she couldn’t help but smile even more.

         ‘Remember that time you lost your pocket money and couldn’t afford our after school snack?’ Mitch said, obviously thinking along similar lines to her.

         ‘Uh huh.’ She cringed, her cheeks flaring in embarrassment. ‘I cried because you’d be able to buy a Giant Twin and I wouldn’t.’ In her defense, she’d only been eight years old.

         ‘Your theatrics worked though, I gave you half of mine,’ he said, his tone amused. ‘You do realise I wouldn’t share one of these’ — He held up the few bites that were left of his ice-cream. ‘With just anyone.’

         She swallowed her mouthful, relishing the way the cold creamy sugar melted on her tongue. ‘You are a true friend, Mitch McDonald.’

         ‘And don’t you forget it.’ He screwed up the wrapper of his Giant Twin and offered his hand out for hers. ‘I’ll go put these in the bin. Do you need to visit the conveniences before we get going again?’

         ‘Good idea.’ Charlie gave him her wrapper and opened the ute’s door, finishing her final mouthful as she climbed out. Truth was she could eat another but if she did, she’d probably feel sick. She didn’t want to ruin a good thing. After freshening up in the less than fresh bathroom of the service station, she headed back for the ute to find Mitch leaning up against the bonnet, basking in the rays of mid-afternoon sun. His square jaw roughened with dark stubble glinted in the sunlight and he looked utterly gorgeous but she pushed aside the curl of heat that flickered in her belly. Most of the time she simply thought of Mitch as her oldest and closest friend, a bit like the brother she never had, but every once in a while she felt things she didn’t want to feel.

2) The research. Normally I’m not a HUGE fan of research – I’m always worried about providing too much detail in case I a) get it wrong or b) bore my readers to tears – but I’m enjoying the research I’m doing about fertility for this book. And I’m learning a lot. Two of my sisters are trying to get pregnant in various ways for various reasons (don’t want to give the plot away), so I’ve been reading a lot around the subject of difficulty conceiving and fertility testing. In addition to this I put a call out on Twitter and FB for anyone who has had some personal experience in this area and was willing to answer some questions and I got a great response. People are SO generous and I thank those ladies who have replied to my plea!

One of the ladies told me during her time trying to conceive she bought a fertility statue. I’d never heard of one of these but she educated me and it is SO going in the book!! See picture of one below:



Right, I suppose I’d better get stuck into today’s writing. Thanks to everyone coming along on this journey with me. I hope you’re enjoying these blogs.