About Rach!

You want to know about me?

I’m an English teacher by trade (please don’t hold that against me), a mum 24/7, a supermarket owner by day, a chronic arachnophobic, and a writer by night. I rarely sleep. I live in rural Western Australia with my hyperactive husband and three mostly-gorgeous

I’ve been writing since I was 17 when I broke up with my first boyfriend (at the time I thought he was The One and was hugely devastated in the fashion of all 17 years olds). For some reason unbeknownst to me, I turned to writing as a form of therapy for my broken heart. It was enlightening to realise that with writing I could create whatever ending I liked. I wrote the story of me and The One and actually ended up killing him off. The writing was therapeutic, the story was cringe-worthy but I had caught the bug.

Almost a decade later, after many, many attempts at writing different types of novels, I
joined Romance Writers of Australia. Finally I learnt there was more to writing a book than
just typing out random thoughts – I learnt about craft, conflict, consistent characters, etc
– and I also learnt that I LOVED contemporary romance and that was what I wanted to
write. I’m super happy to be writing sassy, urban romances for Carina Press and small-town romance for Mira Australia.

I hope that if you decide to try one of my books – about pretty normal people creating
pretty amazing happy ever afters – that you enjoy it and pine a little when it ends

And for a bit of fun:

Colour most featured in my wardrobe – PINK of course! Is there any other colour for a
romance writer?

What I’d like a never-end box of – Raffaellos. It’s a sin that something that tastes so good
and is so small has so many calories.

What’s on my desk – a doubt demon given to me by one of my fabulous writer friends; a
collection of Trolls (always loved them); a zillion notebooks; my laptop; lots of pink pens;
empty cans of Diet Coke; my keeper books, and mess left by my kids.

Daily poison – Diet Coke (although it MUST be drunk in a glass. Yes, I’m a REAL lady)

Celebrity Crush – Australian weather man Grant Denyer.

Best thing about being a writer – You mean aside from the money and fame (LOL)?? The
friends I’ve met and the fact I can wear my pjs to work in the winter and only my bra and
knickers in the summer.

Something I will never do. Ever – Ironing.

9 thoughts on “About Rach!

  1. an english teacher was speeding her way and way stopped by a cop! the cop asked her what she did? she told she was an english teacher! the cop replied “oh i have been looking for a teacher for so long now take this paper and pen and start writing ‘i will not speed up again’ 500 times”! 🙂

    was this the reason you wrote that line “” I’m an English teacher by trade (please don’t hold that against me)””

  2. Hello,
    I am from New Zealand and love your books. I do have a wee query though. You mention particularly in Man Drought a couple of comments about Gibson looking in his rear vision mirror at Imogen and Charlie and seeing their reactions. pages 162 and 203. Unless they were sitting in the back seat instead of alongside Gibson, he would not be able to see their faces in his rear vision mirror. I have tried it and you would have to turn the rear vision mirror in such a way that would defy all logic. Easier just to glance at the person sitting next to you.

    • HI Maggie – great to hear from you. Thanks for your feedback re the rearview mirror thing. I see what you mean and obviously didn’t describe what I meant well enough 🙂 Now I’ll be certain to watch that in future books. Happy reading. x Rach!

  3. I happened to pick up one of your books from an op shop just recently i think it was the best book i have read in a really long time and stayed up until two in the morning just so i could finish it!!!! 🙂 “Man Drought” excellent i will be going to buy more now im totally hooked! 🙂 you are an awesome writer.

  4. Hey Rachel…who won the two pre-release copies of Outback Ghost??? I was holding my breath hoping “pick me…pick me…” Ho hum. Guess I’ll have to wait for the official release.

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